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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 15 Jan 2006

DynamicWorkz presents Young Pianist Competition 2006



YOUNG PIANIST COMPETITION 2006 presented by DynamicWorkz
To provide a performing platform for young musician To develop and identify potential music talents
The Competition is divided into the following categories:
Junior Grade 1 - 3
Intermediate Grade 4 - 5
Senior Grade 6 - 8
Semi-Final: 3 June 2006 Sat, 10am, Yamaha Music School (Thomson Plaza) Concert Salon
Finals: 4 June 2006 Sun, 2pm to 5pm, YMS Auditorium
Participants must perform TWO CONTRASTING pieces, one of which must be from the set pieces.
The full programme must not exceed the following time limits:
Junior - not more than 5 minutes (1 set piece & 1 choice piece)
Intermediate - not more than 8 minutes (1 set piece & 1 choice piece)
Senior - 10 to 15 minutes (1 set piece & 1 choice piece)
All pieces must be performed from memory. Da capo and Dal segno signs should be observed, however, other repeats should not be played.
1. Participants must play ONE of the set pieces.
2. 5 participants will be chosen to proceed to the Final Stage.
1. Participants must play BOTH the set piece (same as the Semi-Final) and the choice piece.
1. Each entry must reach DynamicWorkz by 31 March 2006. Applications received after this date will not be considered.
2. The Organiser reserves the rights to request participants to resubmit their programmes if it does not meet the requirements or standard of the competition.
3. Changes to the submitted programme must be notified in writing to the organizer no later than 1 May 2006. Amendments submitted after this date will not be considered.
4. Registration fees must be submitted together with each entry. Please make cheque or money order payable to 'DynamicWorkz'. The registration fees for the respective categories are as follow:
Junior: $50 Intermediate: $65 Senior: $80
The completed entry form must be accompanied by the following documents:
i. 2 recent passport size photographs
ii. Photocopy of birth certificate or document showing proof of age and nationality
iii. Photocopy of the highest practical grade achieved
iv. Photocopy of the choice piece
For more information, please visit


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