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     Five Awarded Prestigious SAF Overseas Scholarship

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Factsheet: SAF Overseas Scholarships Award Recipients




Name : Chua Yu En, Edwin, 19 yrs
Vocation : Infantry
Course : Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering - Imperial College, UK
Schools :
Raffles Institution
Raffles Junior College
CCAs :
Red Cross Society

Name Hong Wenxian, 19 yrs
Vocation : Artillery
Course :Mechanical Engineering - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Schools :
Raffles Junior College
Raffles Institution
CCAs :
Harmonica Ensemble, NCC(Land), Student Council, Club Alchemy, Prefectorial Board

Name : Wu Jianmin, 19 yrs
Vocation : Armour
Course : Chemical Engineering - Cornell University, USA
Schools :
The Chinese High School
Hwa Chong Institution
CCAs : Swimming, Water-Polo


Name : Ang Chun Hou, Bertram, 19 yrs
Vocation : Naval Officer
Course : Political Science - Stanford University, USA
Schools :
Raffles Institution
Raffles Junior College
CCAs : Student Council, Tennis


Name : Ren Jinfeng, 21 yrs
Vocation : WSO(UAV)
Course : Materials Science - Imperial College, UK
Schools :
Dunman High School
Hwa Chong Institution
CCAs : National Police Cadet Corps


Factsheet: SAF Overseas Scholarship

The SAF Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS) was introduced in 1971, with the aim of recruiting top students of each year's GCE 'A' Levels cohort to serve in MINDEF and the SAF. The SAFOS is widely recognised as second in prestige to the President's Scholarship, with unparalleled career prospects.

Only about 1,000 of 5,000 male NSFs who sit for the GCE 'A' levels each year will be selected for officer cadet training. Amongst them, only about 60 will qualify for the SAFOS selection.

The SAFOS will pursue challenges and diversity of experiences within the SAF and MINDEF. Their career paths are not limited to MINDEF and the SAF. Suitable scholars may be deployed in other Ministries as well.
With the heavy emphasis on talent grooming and management, MINDEF has a committee chaired by the top management that oversees talent management policies. This is explicitly shown in the developmental programmes that MINDEF provides for the SAF overseas scholars, which groom them to assume key appointments.

With ample training and exposure through taking on a variety of challenging command and staff appointments, the SAF overseas scholars are well prepared to hold top management positions in the SAF, public service and private sector.

The selected scholars will be paid a full officer's salary during their course of study, and receive a monthly maintenance allowance and an annual book allowance. Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenants in their first year of studies, the scholars will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in their second year. One year after graduation, they will be promoted to the rank of Captain.

Source: News Release 12 Aug 2006