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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 8 November 2006

Zestra SEXPO Singapore 2006


Zestra®, SEXPO® Singapore 2006 is all about Healthy Sex and Healthy Life

Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore 2006 is an exhibition that will be held from 24-26 November at the Suntec Convention Centre.
It aims to act as a trusted platform in bridging the knowledge gap between the public and the issues they face in their sexual life by creating awareness and educating couples in a creative and entertaining environment.
This year¡¯s theme of ¡°Healthy Sex, Healthy Life¡± will encourage the public to openly discuss sex and address related issues to help couples lead a fulfilling sexual life.
The ¡°Healthy Sex, Healthy Life¡± theme was developed to highlight that a well-rounded and fulfilling life is not only about being in a sound emotional, mental or physical state but that a well balanced life includes sexual intimacy as well.
In Singapore where sex continues to be a taboo topic even in the millennium, the increasing challenges that individuals and couples face when it comes to sexual intimacy are real. Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore 2006 aims to educate Singaporeans and change their mindset to start speaking openly about sex and sex-related issues.
For instance one such issue is sexual dissatisfaction amongst couples. An unfulfilling sexual relationship can make people feel guilty for not delivering, being uninvolved, disinterested and underperforming. This may cause one party to be defensive and could result in misunderstanding, withdrawal, estrangement and eventually a break up.
Sexual compatibility, open discussion and satisfactory sexual lives are all essential factors in making a relationship work. So how do we get Singaporeans to come forth and seek the help they need in order to have a fulfilling sexual lifestyle?
Kenny Goh, founder and director of SEXPO® Singapore says, ¡°We aim to provide the platform and avenue for couples to gain the knowledge and in turn effectively enhance their married life.¡± He added, ¡°Sometimes taking small steps can make all the difference in one¡¯s life and we want to show people how easy it is to address these topics.¡±
Some highlights of Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore 2006 include educational seminars which bring you topics like ¡°Does a Sexual Counselor teach you better sex?¡±, ¡°What is Sexual Disorder?¡±, ¡°Female Sexual Dysfunctions¡± and ¡°Sex in your Golden Years¡±, will provide visitors with a wide range of information as well as products and services related to sexual and reproductive health, adult care and lifestyle.
Seminars will feature renowned medical experts like Prof Peter Lim and Dr Rosie King who will give insight into the various as well as common sexual challenges and problems encountered by couples today and how best to approach and address them to have a healthier lifestyle.
SEXPO® Singapore 2006 have also partnered with Zestra-Asia, Ltd., the exclusive distributor of U.S. manufactured Zestra® Feminine Oil, the first and only clinically proven product designed for women to heighten pleasure and improve sexual satisfaction in up to 95% of the women who use it.
Zestra® Feminine Oil is a scientific breakthrough in feminine sexual health that women and sexual medicine experts around the world are praising for its ease of use, natural design and effectiveness. This product will be officially launched at the exhibition.
Adding a lighter touch to the series of health seminars will be stage entertainment programmes that include comedy segments featuring popular local artistes Kumar and Irene Ang; dance classes (e.g. Tease Dance, Salsa, and Belly dance), fashion shows, dramas by the Necessary Stage and Eureka sponsored by the Health Promotion Board, Action for AIDS and DSC Clinic, and more.
In addition, there will be side show entertainment which includes "Private Room" where guests are entertained by sexy dancers in an enclosed area; "Changing Room" where guests can change into various provocative costumes to showcase their 'wild side' and have their photos taken with backdrops, and many other different artistic expression of sexuality and sensuality.
A variety of exhibitors will display products and services such as gym equipment, slimming, tours, jewelry, themed costumes and adult novelty items in addition to many other sexual health-related products.
About Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore 2006
Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore is South East Asia¡¯s first Sexual and Reproductive Health and Lifestyle Exhibition.
It will be held at Singapore Suntec International Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 401 from 24 to 26 November, 2006.
The event is open to adults above the age of 21 only. Zestra® SEXPO® Singapore is expected to receive more than 60,000 visitors from Singapore and abroad.
Tickets are at SGD$10 per entry and SGD$25 for a 3 day pass. Special ticketing packages are available for early booking and bulk booking. Visit for more updates on the event.
About Zestra Laboratories, Inc.
Zestra Laboratories, Inc., a specialty consumer health products company - is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of Zestra® Feminine Oil, a scientific breakthrough in women's sexual health and intimacy.
Zestra® is the only consumer product available that is clinically shown to quickly increase female sexual sensation, arousal, pleasure, and improve sexual experiences for women. The commercialization of Zestra® is the result of seven years of research and clinical testing.
Non-prescription Zestra®, in a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled, crossover clinical trial increased female sexual arousal in 85% of women. This study was first published in "Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy". Its all-natural formulation is topically applied and begins increasing female sexual pleasure and arousal in 3 to 5 minutes. For complete information, visit

Source: Press Release 27 Sep 2006

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