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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 8 Jan 2006

Sculpture Square presents 1 Singapore Artist: Han Sai Por

Shown Above: Sculptures from Oasis Series - 2005 Granite


13 January ¨C 5 March 2006
Han Sai Por¡¯s new series of works aptly titled ¡°Oasis¡± has a meditative quality about them. With its clean fluid lines and rounded shapes, Oasis is a metaphor for the natural and the cultural environment that have been influencing Han¡¯s thoughts and works.
Han is one of Singapore¡¯s most important living sculptors, and one of the very few in Singapore to create large sculptural works in stone. She lives and works in Singapore and has been a practicing artist since the early 1970s.
Inspiration for her latest set of works comes from her journey and travels, she states:
¡°During the journey, some powerful landscape had imprint in my memory, stimulating my feelings. The Topography, Vegetation, Hydrology and the microclimate, these natural elements are the wonderful source for my creation.
Form and space always draws my attention; light and shade increases the definition and form. Tones and detail compose the active, and the energy.
My major drawings only apply black and white as basic colours, because it allows me to concentrate and meditate. ¡±

Leaves form enclosing space 2003 Charcoal on paper

On display, a series of large expressive drawings that at first glance appear like photographs of some alien landscapes, documents the artist¡¯s spontaneous exploration of space, rhythm and light through charcoal on paper.
Stone remains one of Han¡¯s favourite materials to express her thoughts/art. Decisively chipping, freeing the inner soul of the material, this journey to always discover some things hidden under the surface of materials* provides Han the mental energy to survive as a human being and create her wondrous works of art.
Han draws inspiration from the process. While working on the solid and heavy stone materials, moving the materials around the workspace is always a difficult job. The physical situation Han uses to provide a solution/ momentum; is to create a void ¨C an empty space, and using a screw bar punched into the void, the heavy stone can be rolled around and worked on.
To quote Han:
¡° Since the Stone Ages, our ancestors had already understood this concept of a void. That this void can help accelerate, used to hang or hold things together. This void can hold water, air, light, and many other interesting things.
As in the Chinese words ¡®虚xu 与yi 实shi,¡¯ where xu refers to an empty space waiting to be contained, fulfilled and enriched. While shi refers to a space filled, a solid, full, strong and stable.*
Through Oasis Han seeks not to impose philosophy into art, but rather to learn and discover philosophy through the process of making art.
Also featured in the exhibition are a series Han¡¯s works created for last year¡¯s XIth Indian Triennale entitled Bud, Leaf and Seed Series, in which she won a gold award for. Since the Triennale, the Bud, Leaf and Seed Series was ever exhibited in its totality yet.
About Han Sai Por
Despite having been conferred Singapore¡¯s most prestigious art award ¨C the Cultural Medallion in 1995 by the Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts in recognition of her work, Han remains humble and shy of publicity, she maintains a simple lifestyle without much thought of accumulating wealth and possessions.
She has participated in numerous international exhibitions and projects around the world and her works can be found in many international institutions and private collections from the United States, United Kingdom, India, China, Japan and New Zealand to Malaysia and Singapore.
In Singapore, Han¡¯s other works have almost become synonymous landmarks. One piece entitled Spring, sited at the Revenue House in Newton showcases a large bronze ring encompassing a vertical fountain that flows endlessly, signifying continuous wealth.
Another sited in the heart of the central business district at Capital Land Tower is a series of colourful Shimmering Pearls placed randomly and at random heights amidst a water fountain, and her latest, the Seed Series 2001 at Esplanade, Theatres on he Bay. Currently, Han is working on commissioned works for the National Museum of Singapore.
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