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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 7 May 2006

Committee formed to steer Medisave use for chronic disease management


Medisave use for chronic disease management - MOH forms Steering Committee to oversee implementation
Last month, the Ministry of Health announced its plan to improve the care and management of four common chronic diseases - diabetes, high blood pressure, lipid disorders (e.g. high cholesterol) and stroke, so as to help such patients achieve better health outcomes.
With a more systematic and more proactive approach to the management of these chronic diseases, complications can be avoided or delayed for many years.
Patients should however take control of their illnesses early and comply with their doctor's advice, which includes regular check ups and modifications to their lifestyles.
The Ministry hopes to involve as many GPs, and through them as many such chronically ill patients as possible in the programme.
Patients who participate in such disease management programme will be able to use Medisave to help pay their medical bills even when treatment is done at outpatient level.
Steering Committee and Advisory Committee
The Ministry has formed a Steering Committee, headed by the Permanent Secretary of Health, Ms Yong Ying-I, to oversee the implementation of the scheme.
The Steering Committee will be supported by three work-groups which are tasked to look into
(a) the clinical aspect,
(b) the processes and
(c) the necessary IT support.
The Ministry has also appointed an Advisory Committee of experts to help ensure the success of the scheme. It is chaired by Dr Lee Suan Yew and comprises both specialists and family physicians who are experts in disease management and the care of these chronic diseases.
The Advisory Committee will tap on the professional knowledge and expertise from both public and private sectors, and will help the Ministry ensure that the scheme is effective and based on best international practices. The composition of the Advisory Committee is at the Annex below.
The Ministry aims to implement the scheme before year end.

ANNEX A - Advisory Committee


1) Dr Lee Suan Yew SY Lee Clinic


2) Prof Chia Boon Lock, Cardiac Department, NUH

3) Dr Daphne Khoo, Department of Endocrinology, SGH

4) Dr Kevin Koh, Chung Kiaw Clinic

5) Dr Lee Kheng Hock, Department of Family Medicine and Continuing Care, SGH

6) Dr Lim Fong Seng, NHG Polyclinics

7) A/Prof Benjamin Ong, Department of Medicine, NUH

8) A/Prof C Rajasoorya, Department of Medicine, AH

9) Dr N V Ramani, Department of Neurology, NNI

10) Dr Tan Chee Beng, SingHealth Polyclinics

11) Dr Teo Boon See, Camry Medical Centre

12) A/Prof Thai Ah Chuan, Department of Medicine, NUH

Source: Press Release 5 May 2006

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