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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 4 Jan 2006

The ICA Singapore presents Great Brits - The Great Alchemists


GREAT BRITS 每 The New Alchemists at Earl Lu Gallery, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts
13 January 每 12 February 2006
The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore is pleased to present Great Brits 每 The New Alchemists.
Curated by the British Council and the Design Museum, London, this exhibition will showcase the works of a new generation of talented young British designers who share a passion for experimentation with new materials and technologies and for exploring the transformative 每 or alchemic 每 possibilities of design.
Although just at the start of their career, the emerging designers featured in Great Brits 每 The New Alchemists 每 Pascal Anson, Michael Cross and Julie Mathias, Julia Lohmann, Matthias Megyeri and Peter Traag 每 have already developed a distinctive approach to design. Pascal Anson gives new life to abandoned objects by reinventing them as sets.
The exquisite, yet provocative lightings of Michael Cross and Julie Mathias flirt with danger by submerging electric light bulbs in water.
Julia Lohmann transforms food industry*s waste such as cowhides and sheep*s stomachs into furniture and lighting.
Matthias Megyeri investigates our obsession with security by customising &cute* security devices.
Peter Traag creates ingenious furniture by working with unusual production processes.
&The British Council is delighted to be able to work with ICA Singapore again. Great Brits 每 The New Alchemists exhibition follows hot on the heels of one of the most successful exhibitions, Asian Field by UK sculptor Antony Gormley in October 2005.* says Lena St George-Sweet MBE, Director Arts, British Council Singapore.
&Alchemy is the art of turning base materials into gold or silver, and this is exactly what the five young UK designers will do in this exhibition. These designers will miraculously transform banal materials, processes, objects and typologies into something extraordinary. The exhibition, which we hope will surprise the viewer with the unexpected, will be yet another exciting start to ICA Singapore*s calendar of events. The exhibition is curated by Emily Campbell, British Council London; and Alice Rawsthorn, Design Museum, UK*, the director adds.
This is the second Great Brits 每 The New Alchemists exhibition of the work of young British designers organised by the Design Museum and the British Council.
The first exhibition in 2003 identified the emergence of a new romanticism in design. In this exhibition, the curators explore the development of a raw and surreal design aesthetic that challenges the conventional design processes and approaches, transmuting the common into the extraordinary.
Established by LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) Singapore is devoted to the exhibition and research of international and Asian contemporary art and design.
The ICA Singapore, through its exhibition programme at its exhibition facility, the Earl Lu Gallery, has showcased works by artists such as Antony Gormley, On Kawara, Gerhard Richter, Gavin Turk, Robert Sagerman, Jason Salavon and Yang Fudong, among others.


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