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Latest Civil Defence Emergency Handbook available



The CD Emergency Handbook, first published in 1990, is aimed at equipping the public with skills to deal with a wide range of emergencies – from everyday ones such as burns, heart attacks and fire outbreaks; to large-scale national disasters and security emergencies.
So far, four editions of the booklets have been published and made available to the public. The last islandwide distribution exercise in Feb 2003 saw the handbook delivered door-to-door to over 1,000,000 households in Singapore.
The contents of the CD Emergency Handbook has been reviewed and updated with new information being included. On Sunday, 17 Apr 2005, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officially launched the 5th, and latest, edition of the CD Emergency Handbook.
The launch took place at the Nee Soon East Zone 9 Residents’ Committee (RC) Centre at Blk 398, Yishun Ring Road, at 9.30am. There to officiate the launch was Assoc. Prof. Ho Peng Kee, Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs.
This new 79-page booklet is packed from end-to-end with a rich array of tips and information on dealing with peacetime and national emergency situations, as well as unconventional threats.
Some newly incorporated topics include emergency preparedness measures on public transportation security, what to do during power outages, decontamination procedures during chemical or radiological disasters, as well as how a Ready Bag should be prepared. Like the previous edition, this Handbook will be available in the four official languages.
In the past, SCDF personnel, CD Volunteers and grassroots members would be mobilised to deliver the Handbooks to the doorsteps of every household on the island. This year, however, the approach is different, where the Handbooks would be made available at collection points in the community heartlands for residents to pick up their copy.
The move is part of the Home Team’s collective effort to raise the community’s level of participation in emergency preparedness measures. The intention is to drive across the message that readiness and vigilance should be a lifestyle; and the effort taken to collect the Handbook would serve as a very tangible and affirmative step in response.
Between 17 and 30 Apr, HDB residents can obtain the Handbook from the RC Centres while private estate residents can do so at the Community Centres/Clubs (CCs). The collection time for CCs is from 9am to 10pm; and from 2pm to 10.30pm for void-deck CCs.
For collection at the RC Centres, residents should check the timing with the Centres or at their notice boards. From Tuesday, 3 May onwards, collection of the Handbooks can be done at Home Team establishments such as CD Division Headquarters, Fire Stations, Fire Posts and Neighbourhood Police Centres.
The emergency preparedness skills and knowledge contained in the CD Emergency Handbook are easy to learn. The benefits are also beyond measure as these life-saving skills and knowledge can be applied in times of an emergency in your family or community.
Read up, and be prepared, because a community that is vigilant and prepared is the cornerstone of a safe and secure Singapore! Because Readiness is Your Only Protection, let us all take steps to Get Ready, Be Ready and Stay Ready.

Source: Singapore Civil Defence Force Press Release 12 Apr 2005



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