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Artist Justin Lee presents Our People, Our Lifestyle


Between 14 Apr and 10 Jul 2005, take the MRT to City Hall Station, walk through CityLink Mall and enter the tunnel between the mall and The Esplanade. As you near The Esplanade, you will walk past a whole length of wall featuring local artist Justin Lee's latest piece - Our People, Our Lifestyle.
Don't stop, but just stroll along as you view his 80m-long collage which draws imaginaries from his dreams and fantasies. If you find something that conjures up a part of your past, pause and take a lingering look at that part of the collage that has interested you.
Then, recall your past and busk in the nostalgia the collage has conjured up in you. Realise that his dreams and fantasies are in a way similar to yours, for you are both bound by a common fixture - our Singapore.


Our People, Our Lifestyle presents a different understanding of today's Singapore society and lifestyle with a blend of yesterday's photography by Justin's late grandfather juxtaposed with Justin's fantasies.1
These fantasies are characterised by aspects of a modern urban lifestyle, education and materialism. Justin also seeks to record everyday lifestyles into visual art based upon his cultural and immediate social surrounds by doubting and questioning appearances.1
Of his works, Justin says he "challenged myself to produce works on such issues through research based on my past and present experiences as an artist, consumer, and local Chinese citizen in Singapore society"2.
Justin has won the following awards and grants:
- 1998-1999 Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (Diploma Studies)
- 1998 Urban Art Competition, Letter of Commendation (Parco)
- 2003 UOB Painting of the year, Highly Recommended Award
Our People, Our Lifestyle is an Esplanade Presents programme. Admission to the exhibition is free and all are welcome. Opening times: 11am - 11pm. Venue: The Tunnel, The Esplanade.



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