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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 26 Oct 2005

SingTel launches e-surveillance service for businesses


New e-surveillance service for businesses
Companies enjoy enhanced security and costs savings
Singapore Telecommunications Ltd (SingTel) today (24 Oct 2005) announced the launch of eSurveillance, a new managed end-to-end digital-video surveillance service that works on a broadband or IP connection.
SingTel eSurveillance provides businesses a flexible extension to the traditional close-circuit TV (CCTV) system. It allows users to do continuous video recording and view real-time images of their surveillance recordings from anywhere within and outside of Singapore using broadband access.
More importantly, customers can store and retrieve video images up to 30 days from the centrally-hosted video library at SingTel EXPAN, the company¡¯s managed hosting solution.
Companies therefore need not invest in costly on-site video surveillance systems and storage equipment. On-going operational and maintenance costs are also taken care of by SingTel. Problems related to storage media such as video tapes and DVDs are eliminated as all video images are stored offsite in SingTel¡¯s EXPAN data centre.
Mr Wong Soon Nam, SingTel¡¯s Vice President of Corporate Business Marketing, said: ¡°Customers enjoy huge cost savings from this fully outsourced video surveillance solution. Those who need multi-site surveillance services will find SingTel¡¯s eSurveillance capable of providing them with high security and resource efficiency for their operations.
¡°They can be alerted via SMS should there be any security breach. In addition, this IP-based service will allow users to view surveillance videos on their 3G mobile phones while on the move in the near future.¡±
eSurveillance comes with motion-detection features that will alert users via email and/or SMS. Recording of the intrusion will be activated automatically when the camera intelligence detects a movement in the video images.
Users can pre-programme the eSurveillance service to operate continuous recording during office hours and motion detection after office hours. Security and other agencies can thus use eSurveillance to complement their existing safety systems and processes.
The ease of installation and operation of the eSurveillance service makes this an ideal solution for companies that want to deploy surveillance at their multiple outlets across Singapore.
Retail, logistics, food outlets and small businesses will find this new service very useful. For example, retail business owners who wish to monitor human traffic in their outlets or be alerted for unauthorised entry into storerooms after operating hours can make use of SingTel¡¯s new service.
eSurveillance is supported by Sweden-based Axis Communications, a global market leader in network video solutions for remote monitoring and security surveillance.
Mr Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications, said: ¡°We are extremely pleased to collaborate with SingTel in providing the enhanced peace of mind which the Subscriber Technology (ST) System* can offer their customers. A remotely delivered IP-Surveillance service with central management and no maintenance is a natural extension for carriers and mobile operators. It opens up their core business to the significant growth industry of IP-based video security, which we see as a key part of our long-term strategy in generating new customer segments.¡±
eSurveillance is available to corporate users for $85 per camera per month (before GST).
* The Axis Subscriber Technology System (ST System) is a solution optimised for telecommunications providers, Internet Service Providers and mobile operators looking to offer their Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise customers a cost-effective, managed IP Video Surveillance service.

Source: News Release 24 Oct 2005

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