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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 25 Dec 2005

Esplanade presents Marina Bay Countdown 2005/2006



Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay Presents Marina Bay Countdown 05/06

Make a Wish for the New Year

31 Dec 2005, from 8pm Along Marina Bay

New Year's Eve. A time of reflection, resolution and renewal. A time of sharing, with family and friends. A time for wishes, for what is to come.
Light, a symbol of goodness, hope and life.
Marina Bay, the mouth of Singapore River, the passage through which modern Singapore developed. Today, the meeting point of business and culture.
All these elements come together in a poignant celebration to mark the start of a new tradition unique to Singapore.
Marina Bay Countdown will see the transformation of Marina Bay into a visual spectacle of light and colour, as the wishes of people gathered here - represented by wishing spheres that will form a stunning visual arts installation - are floated on the waters of the bay.
As we reflect on all that has gone before and as we make our own wishes for the future, the bay itself will come alive with light until it becomes itself a shimmering source of light. At midnight, against the canvas of the night sky, a finale of fireworks and music will welcome the new year.
So gather your family and friends at Marina Bay this New Year's Eve to create one of the most magical moments you will ever witness and be the first to start a new tradition for Singapore.
Be a part of a national countdown as united, we herald the dawn of a new year with a heart full of hope and promise of a brighter tomorrow.
Join us as we come together to make a wish for the new... at Marina Bay... the Bay of Hope, Light and Dreams.
For information on SMRT Train services extension for New Year's Eve, please click here.

Operating hours of the SBS Transit Nite Owl Services 16M, 65M, 89M, 162M, 174M & 181M on New Years Eve. Click here for more details.


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