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Monday with the Editor: Boys at Morning Express are back!

Hallo everyone
Yes! The boys at Morning Express are back on their morning radio programme on Class95FM today, after a one-week absence. Their last- broadcast stunt last week caused minor ripples on the island. I heard that one loyal fan even set up a Web site to garner support to keep the popular programme from going off-air.
On Getforme, we had to re-title our FrontPage edition for 14 Jan 2005 from Morning Express Ends Successful Run on Radio Today to Morning Express Ending Successful Run on Radio Today? with a question mark at the end of the title. Read what I said in the article.
This morning, we had the boys apologising for the stunt which they pulled off last week. The Flying Dutchman said that he and his wife had a one-week sponsored holiday in Japan, courtesy of Club Med. The other two spent the week in R&R on the island. Loyal fans such as this Editor had to get used to waking up each morning last week to female DJs Vernetta Lopez and Jean Danker making conversation over the air on the Morning Express programme.
Did the last-broadcast stunt sit favourably with listeners to the Morning Express? Well, I can't speak for others, but I wasn't too happy though I had suspected the last-broadcast thing to be a prank. And my suspicions grew stronger when Rod Monteiro said on air on the supposedly last day of broadcast last Friday that "all will be revealed at 9.52am".
I couldn't stay for the end of the programme as I had to keep an appointment. But, I found out that it was all a stunt when I read The Straits Times the next morning - there was an article with the header DJs Say It's Just A Joke.
Yes! it was just a joke. Did it backfire on the trio? I am happy that the boys are back. I can hear news that I would otherwise have not been privy to. For instance, this morning, I heard Glenn Ong sharing with listeners an incident he witnessed at the National Stadium during the recent Tiger Cup Finals. He mentioned that the wife of one of the Singapore players had trouble coming in because her 3-year-old kid did not have a ticket for the match.
"It's a new dawn; it's a new day; it's a new life for me, and I am feeling good," croons Michael Bublé over the airwaves on the Morning Express this morning. Yes! I am sure feeling good this morning. And I must confess - the Morning Express puts zest into my mornings. I can feel it now, while listening to the songs they dish out. I am glad they are back, aren't you? Forgive and forget! It's great to be alive!
Have a good day!


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24 January 2005