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Act 3 International presents Thumbelina


A tender tale poetically told in brilliant black light theatre and puppetry

The year-end holidays look set to glow and warm our hearts with a stunning black light presentation of Thumbelina.
This tender Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale will captivate young audiences from 31 October to 13 November at ACT 3 Theatre, ONE-TWO-SIX Cairnhill Arts Centre.
Directed by Bulgarian actress and veteran puppeteer Antoaneta Madjarova, Thumbelina blends the brilliance of black light, exquisite puppetry and alluring non-verbal poetic drama to fully awaken your senses and imagination.
¡°Thumbelina is full of fantasy, emotion and action,¡± says Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director of ACT 3 International. ¡°The classic story offers a stunning spectacle of childhood dreams and encounters.¡±
¡°We chose Thumbelina for its potential to inspire our young. The story reflects our own childhood experiences of friendship and love, of being lost and then found. Thumbelina the character is a delightful heroine. Her life is a magical, dream-like story with many instances of wishful thinking, startling discoveries, and interesting characters.¡±
Performing artistes from Argentina¡¯s renowned Kukla Puppet Company will charm you with an ancient art of entertainment that has enthralled emperors and audiences for centuries.
The magic of Black Light Theatre mesmerises in this graceful and innovative presentation where all the audience will see are colourful and animated puppets and props on a pitch-black stage.
The luminous images of Thumbelina, the animal characters, and the beautiful scenes of the pond, the winter and the forest will amaze children and adults. The audience cannot see the actors who are clad in black and who are skillfully manipulating these puppets and objects.
The adventures of Thumbelina are told entirely with the dramatic interplay of music and manipulation. No words are spoken in this play. Carefully chosen pieces of classical music created by great composers express the unspoken and provide the emotional depth.
The intention is to encourage children to intuitively recognise and understand how the characters feel by listening to the music whilst watching the action on stage.
Performance Details
Oct 31 to Nov 13, 2005
For 4- to 9-year-olds
Show Dates & Times

Oct 31 (Monday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 1 (Tuesday): 11.00am

Nov 2 (Wednesday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 3 (Thursday): 11.00

Nov 4 (Friday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 5 (Saturday): 11:00am and 5:00pm

Nov 6 (Sunday): 11:00am and 5:00pm

Nov 7 (Monday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 8 (Tuesday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 9 (Wednesday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 10 (Thursday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 11 (Friday): 9.00am & 11.00am

Nov 12 (Saturday): 11:00am and 5:00pm

Nov 13 (Sunday): 11:00am and 5:00pm

ACT 3 Theatre, 126 Cairnhill Road, ONE-TWO-SIX CAIRNHILL ARTS CENTRE
$19/- per child or adult. Price includes $1/- SISTIC fee. Additional SISTIC handling fees apply.

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