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Encouraging greater use of our National Flag



In the addendum to the President¡¯s Address to Parliament 2005, the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts had noted that ¡°we will encourage Singaporeans to make greater use of our National Flag and National Symbols to express our Singaporean identity¡±.

In line with this intention, and as Singapore celebrates its 40th anniversary as an independent and sovereign nation in 2005, the Government is allowing greater flexibility in the use of the National Flag to encourage Singaporeans to celebrate National Day and express their patriotism.
Recent Requests
The Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA) recently received three requests from BMW Asia, Comfort Delgro and CK Tang respectively to display the National Flag in creative ways on motor vehicles to celebrate the nation¡¯s 40th National Day.
A committee comprising MPs from MICA¡¯s GPC and members of the public reviewed the requests and agreed that Singaporeans should be given greater leeway in expressing their pride and loyalty to their country.
Acting on their recommendations, MICA has since approved all three requests with minimal conditions. BMW Asia and Comfort Delgro propose to display the flag on their vehicles whilst C K Tang will issue flags to their customers. All three organisations will display the flag during the period of the national day celebrations only.
Organisations or members of the public who wish to use the National Flag or other National Symbols creatively to celebrate National Day should contact the National Heritage Board (NHB) through the enquiry contact listed below.
Relaxation of Restrictions
The guidelines on the use of the National Flag and other National Symbols have been relaxed in the following ways:
a. The Flag may be used for patriotic purposes, national causes, and educational purposes.
b. Elements of the Flag may be used in artistic or other forms of creative expression of national pride and belonging.
c. The greater use of the Singapore Lion Head and the Vanda Miss Joaquim is encouraged, and the public need not seek prior approval from MICA regarding these symbols.
Treating the National Flag with Respect
Notwithstanding the relaxed guidelines, the Flag, as a national symbol, should continue to be treated with respect and used in an appropriate and dignified manner.
Where there is any uncertainty in the use of the Flag or National Symbols, the public is advised to seek clarification from the National Heritage Board (contact details below).
The public is reminded that when cleaning the National Flag, it should be washed and dried indoors separately and not together with other laundry. If a flag is torn or worn-out, it should be disposed of properly by having it packed into a sealed black trash bag. Alternatively, it should be handed over to the nearest Residents¡¯ Committee or Community Club/Centre for proper disposal.
Displaying the National Flag
We urge all organisations to fly the National Flag at their offices and building premises during the National Day celebrations period, July through to August 2005. Likewise, all households are encouraged to fly the Flag at their residential premises.
Singaporeans can now fly the Flag throughout the year, but they are encouraged to do so especially during National Day celebrations. Outside the National Day celebration period, however, if the Flag is displayed outdoors, it must be flown from a flagpole and be properly illuminated at night.
For more information, please visit:
Guidelines for the Singapore Flag -
Origin and meaning of the Singapore Flag -

Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts

15 July 2005


Ms Elizabeth Njo, National Heritage Board

140 Hill Street, 3rd Storey, MICA Building, Singapore 179369. Tel: (65) 6332 4495  Fax: (65) 6332 3525

Source: Press Release 15 Jul 2005


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