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Singaporeans not eating enough fruit & vegetables


Singaporeans not eating enough fruit and vegetables have lower body antioxidant readings

From 13 March to 3 April 2005, 285 shoppers at 4 Cold Storage supermarkets were assessed for their fruit and vegetables intake and had their body antioxidant levels measured.
Antioxidants in our body help to slow down the process of aging and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as certain cancers and heart disease.
The findings were that most (60%) of these shoppers did not eat enough fruit and vegetables daily. (The recommendation is to eat 2 servings of fruit and 2 servings of vegetables daily). These individuals have 30% lower mean body antioxidant levels than those meeting the ※2+2§ fruit and vegetables recommendation.
The antioxidant level was measured by shining a light beam on the palm and taking readings produced as a result of the interaction of the light beam with the antioxidants . Higher readings indicate higher antioxidant levels
A factor influencing the antioxidant level is the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed, especially those varieties that are brightly coloured. Higher amounts of dietary fruit and vegetables have been associated with higher levels of antioxidant. Many colour pigments in fruit and vegetables function as powerful antioxidants in our body.
Programme Outline
HPB will be working in partnership with Pharmanex and Cold Storage Supermarkets to encourage shoppers to buy enough fruit and vegetables for their family as a measure to boost body antioxidant levels.
Palm scanning of antioxidant levels will be carried out in 10 Cold Storage outlets (see list attached) from 14 May to 17 July 2005 on every Saturday and Sunday.
Members of the public can qualify for the palm scanning with a minimum purchase of $5 worth of any products on the same day of purchase at the participating supermarket.
Dr Annie Ling, Head of HPB's Nutrition Department said, ※Many Singaporeans have given feedback that they find it difficult to meet the recommended level of fruit and vegetables intake. Scientific evidence has suggested that even if individuals fall short of the recommended level of intake, modest increases in fruit and vegetable intake by an additional serving which is equivalent to a piece of fruit or ¾ mug of vegetables confer health benefits.§
Fruit & vegetables promotion by Cold Storage
Shoppers can look out for special fruit and vegetable promotions by Cold Storage during this period, especially for those varieties of fruit and vegetables which are brightly coloured. These include the green leafy vegetables and red or orange-coloured fruit (e.g. papaya, rockmelon) and vegetables (e.g. carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes)
Mr Choo Peng Chee, CEO of Cold Storage Supermarkets said, ※As Singapore's leading Fresh Food People, Cold Storage strongly supports the government's efforts to maintain high levels of good health among Singaporeans. The free antioxidant scanning will educate our shoppers on the merits of choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables to boost their antioxidant levels to protect their health."
Fuss free scanning
Ms Charlene Chiang, President of Pharmanex Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, said, ※Previous methods of measuring antioxidant levels were consumer unfriendly, required blood samples and a long waiting period for results. The Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner provides a quick measurement for Singaporeans to self-evaluate the benefits of modifying their diets to raise their antioxidant levels, and overall good health through healthy eating habits.§
About the Pharmanex®BioPhotonic Scanner
Developed in partnership with the University of Utah, US, the Pharmanex® BioPhotonic Scanner is the world*s first patented, immediate and non-invasive measurement of carotenoid antioxidants in human tissue.
It uses a low-energy laser light to shine on the palm, and antioxidant levels are measured based on the interaction of light energy with the antioxidants in the palm detected by the machine. The machine uses technology based on Raman Spectroscopy discovered by 1930 Nobel Prize winner, Sir C. V. Raman.Participating Supermarkets
Date Time Venue
14 & 15 May 11.00am 每 3.00pm Great World City, Cold Storage Outlet
21 & 22 May 11.00am 每 3.00pm Jelita, Cold Storage Outlet
28 & 29 May 11.00am 每 3.00pm Causeway Point, Cold Storage Outlet
4 & 5 June 11.30am 每 3.00pm Compass Point, Cold Storage Outlet
11 & 12 June 11.00am 每 3.00pm Hougang, Cold Storage Outlet
18 & 19 June 11.00am 每 3.00pm Novena, Cold Storage Outlet
25 & 26 June 11.00am 每 3.00pm Guthrie House, Level 1 Atrium
2 & 3 July 11.00am 每 3.00pm Centre Point, Cold Storage Outlet
9 & 10 July 11.00am 每 3.00pm Venue to be confirmed
16 & 17 July 11.00am 每 3.00pm North Point, Cold Storage Outlet
The public can refer to the weekly press advertisements for the updated details of the antioxidant scans at selected Cold Storage supermarkets from 14 May - 17 July. They can also log on to for more information from 14 May 2005.

Source: Excerpted from Health Promotion Board Press Release 13 May 2005

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