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Morning Express ending successful run on radio?

Today's the last day that the popular radio programme Morning Express will air on 95FM. Co-presenters Rod Monteiro, Glenn Ong and the Flying Dutchman (Mark van Cuylenberg), made the shocking announcement over radio last Monday morning during the programme.
Since then, the DJs have divulged very little about what will happen to the trio. Will they part ways? It's anybody's guess.
Midweek, Vernetta Lopez, whose programme Lunchbreak runs immediately after the Morning Express, told a concerned caller during her programme that these chaps had their personal things to do. That remark certainly didn't tell us anything.
Ng Hui Hui, writing in The Straits Times under the heading Split Personalities? on 13 Jan 2005, put up the following teaser:
"Are they really splitting up?"
Yes, indeed, are they splitting up?
My hunches tell me they aren't. First, these guys are still in good spirits during the Morning Express programme the whole week. Unless they are dead good actors - by the way they are DJs, not actors - the fact that they are still in jovial spirits tells us everything is okay. Perhaps, as Hui Hui has guessed, "they are rebranding the show with a new name".
Moreover, although the Flying Dutchman was on leave yesterday, leaving the two 'brothers' Rod and Glenn to run the show, he called in during the programme to chat about how the foot massager that they were promoting on their programme was making him feel good. He was indeed in high spirits during the call.
Listeners who have followed the Morning Express over the years will remember the Flying Dutchman has had partner changes. On 29 Sep 2000, Joe Augustin, the other half of Joe And The Flying Dutchman in Morning Express, left the then Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS). Following Joe's departure, the Flying Dutchman took in a new partner, Class 95 deejay Petrina Kow.
Rod Monteiro and Glenn Ong are the latest partners of the Flying Dutchman in a relationship on air that started in May 2003 when the two 'brothers' came over from Perfect 10 radio station.
Since then, the Morning Express has become immensely popular with many faithful followers, including this Editor, who never fails to tune in to the programme every weekday morning.
There is no press release on the Morning Express happenings on the MediaCorp Web site, and also on Class95FM's micro-site.
So, we are all left guessing. But, come Monday, everything will be clear. Then, many anxious Morning Express fans will no doubt be awake right before 6am, with their ears glued to 95FM eagerly waiting for the Majullah Singapura song to finish, and for the first voices to crackle over the airwaves. This Editor will certainly be one of them.
But, let us not forget the aim of today's FrontPage - to document the last day of the Morning Express radio programme today.
As I listen to the Morning Express this morning, I hear Rod proclaiming "the last day of broadcast" repeatedly on air from 6am to 7am. Then, at 7.33am, he lets out a clue with the remark "all will be revealed at 9.52am".
Today's FrontPage is really special in that it's a 'live' summarising of what is going on, on air, on the Morning Express this morning.
Unfortunately, we have our appointments to keep so we can't stay listening to the Morning Express till 10am. We'll have to depend on the local papers for the latest news.
Subsequent Update:
"True to form, the trio clarified on the show yesterday that they were taking only a one-week break from work...
"FD, when contacted, insists that it was just a harmless joke.
"We created a stunt and it worked. I seriously think that Singaporeans have a sense of humour..."
Excerpted from 'DJs Say It's Just A Joke' in The Straits Times 15 Jan 2005 (L3)
Clarification by Joe Augustin via email on 22 April 2005
"By the way, on a point of history... The Morning Express goes back to when Melissa Hyak (yes from CNA) was the host. I joined. Then she left and was replaced by Jessica Soo... Who was then replaced by FD."


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