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In-camp Training for National Servicemen cut to 10 years


Enhancing the National Service Training System
With the SAF¡¯s transformation to the Third Generation SAF (3G SAF) as well as the surge in National Servicemen resource over the next 10 years, MINDEF had announced the reduction of Full-time National Service from 2½ years to 2 years on 15 June 2004. This was implemented in December 2004.
MINDEF has since completed its review of the National Service Training System (NSTS) for Operationally Ready National Servicemen (ORNS).
In the revised NSTS, National Servicemen will normally serve only 10 years of In-Camp Training (ICT), instead of the current 13 year system consisting of 10 years of ICT followed by three years of Basic Individual Training (BIT). This will take effect from 1 April 2006.
The reduction in ORNS will not compromise the SAF¡¯s operational capability or readiness. The 3G SAF will make greater use of superior technology in the areas of comprehensive surveillance, battlefield awareness, precision strike and network-centric warfare.

The improvements in the education profile of Singaporeans means that our National Servicemen can make better use of technology to enhance their fighting power. The intake of Full-time NSmen will surge over the next 10 years.
These developments, taken together will enable the SAF to maintain the force level required in the 3G SAF without compromising operational readiness.
In the revised NSTS, commanders will also have greater ownership in shaping their units¡¯ ICT training on the basis of the desired performance and training outcomes.

Source: News Release 11 Aug 2005


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