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Monday with the Editor: Pet Island

Hallo everyone
The blog is getting more popular with every passing day. It's a good way to share news with others on the Internet. Yet, it remains personal so you can write in the privacy of your own control panel and decide what to tell the world and what to keep to yourself.
We, at Getforme, are taking the opportunity to start a new Web Blog - on our Web site - for pet lovers. We have named it Pet Island. We thought we would put Island in the name since  we are all living on Singapore island.
Pet Island is all about Singapore Pets Online so Singapore Pets Online is the tagline.
Whether you are keeping a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster or a turtle, there's a personal spot for you on Pet island. Blog away your feelings about that special pet of yours. Share with others your pride and joy, pain and sorrow as you grow up or grow old with your pet companion.
Pet Island is free and will remain so. We are not in it for the money or the publicity. We just want a spot online for pet lovers to write their experiences with their pets.
Simply register and you can start blogging away. And if you run into any problems, just email me at
If you can't find the breed category for your pet, don't worry, let us know and we will add a new category for you.
Pet Island is at To visit the Web Blog, click the logo below:

Have a good day!


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10 January 2005