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'Intelligent Nation In 2015' vision for Singapore


IDA to Co-Create Vision Of Singapore as An Intelligent Nation With People, Private and Public Sectors

A high-level steering committee has been formed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). This committee will spearhead the development of Singapore's 10-year masterplan, iN2015 (Intelligent Nation 2015), to grow the infocomm sector and to use infocomm technologies to enhance the competitiveness of key economic sectors and build a well-connected society.
The development of 'iN2015' is a national co-creation effort by all who have a stake in Singapore. It will identify new possibilities for Singapore?s industries, economy and society through the innovative use of infocomm technologies. The iN2015 masterplan is scheduled to be launched in 2006.
iN2015 Steering Committee
To be chaired by Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman IDA, the iN2015 Steering Committee will comprise key representatives from the industry and the public sector. These steering committee members will chair sub-committees that will identify areas of opportunity where infocomm technologies can create new value propositions and innovative services, to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of key economic sectors.
These sectors include Education & Learning, Financial Services, Healthcare & Biomedical Sciences, Logistics & High-Tech Manufacturing, Digital Media & Entertainment, and Tourism, Hospitality & Retail.
Other sub-committees will focus on mapping out long-term directions and strategies for the development of the future national infocomm infrastructure for Singapore, as well as the development of new infocomm clusters and enterprises and the associated manpower capabilities.
Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman iN2015 Steering Committee says, "Singapore is in a competitive race with other countries. It is no longer a matter of moving first, but a matter of moving faster - ahead of others to stay relevant and competitive. It is all the more important that we take a look at the role that infocomm can play to help Singapore stay highly competitive, to look ahead into the next 10 years, and implement strategic initiatives that will keep Singapore in the fore."
Infocomm Competency Council & National Infocomm Competency Framework
Together with the formation of the steering committee, IDA is already in the process of seeking views and perspectives of infocomm industry players locally and internationally and is also working with businesses in key economic sectors, research institutes and civic organisations to identify opportunities for Singapore.
It is also vital to look at areas that are key to infocomm industry development. For example, we must have the necessary infocomm capability and manpower resources to support our infocomm growth.
In this regard, IDA and the Singapore Workforce Development Authority (WDA), in collaboration with Singapore Computer Society (SCS), are developing a National Infocomm Competency Framework to guide the professional development and career progression of Infocomm professionals.
Expected to be a valuable resource to professionals, employers, training providers, certification bodies and recruitment agencies, the Framework will map the landscape of Infocomm occupations, the competencies required to perform the various occupations and suggest training and certifications that will enable a professional to acquire these competencies and to move from one stage of his career to another.
IDA and WDA have facilitated the setting up of an Infocomm Competency Council (ICC), chaired by Mr Lee Kwok Cheong, President, SCS, to guide the development of the National Infocomm Competency Framework. Recommendations from the ICC will provide valuable inputs to the iN2015 masterplan.
Mr Lee said, "The Singapore Computer Society has long championed the need for professional upgrade, continuous education, and certification. The ICC provides a national forum to address this need to meet both immediate industry demand and long-term positioning of Singapore. The Singapore Computer Society is therefore all fired up to work with the ICC to further contribute to Singapore's success."
Express IT! iN2015 Competition
Also, as part of IDA's plans to engage everyone who has a stake in Singapore to come forth with their ideas for iN2015, a competition is being organised. This is aimed at eliciting the public's "wish lists" as to how infocomm technologies can further help them live, work, learn and play in the year 2015 ? which is also the year when Singapore celebrates its 50th anniversary as a nation.
The "Express IT! iN2015" competition is organised by IDA with Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), Singapore Computer Society (SCS) and supported by Ministry of Education (MOE) and Digital Life.
Open to everyone living in Singapore, the competition is an open canvass. Contestants can express their visions in various formats, including written compositions, poems, drawings or illustrations, digital photographs, digital video or multimedia creations, and even songs or audio narrations.
"We hope that as a multiple-format competition, Express IT! iN2015 will make it truly an open platform and easily accessible for everyone. We want people to let their imagination flow and share with us their visions of how they desire infocomm technologies to work for them and have an impact on the way they live, work, learn and play," said Mr Chan Yeng Kit, Chief Executive Officer, IDA.
Mr Lee Kwok Cheong, President, SCS, added, "A vision to get Singapore to once again leapfrog the IT curve is timely. Singapore has been a pioneering nation, but many other nations and cities have kept pace, partly by learning from the Singapore experience. We need the iN2015 to race ahead of the pack again. The Singapore Computer Society strongly supports iN2015 and will mobilise our members to energise the visioning exercise."
Mr Stephen Lim, Chairman, SiTF, commented, "We strongly support this competition as it provides an excellent platform for our corporate members to contribute their views on how infocomm would impact their businesses in 2015. Their views would be pivotal in shaping Singapore as an intelligent nation for the ICT industry."
Ms Lee Sai Choo, Assistant Director, Professional Development & Consultancy Branch, Educational Technology Division, MOE, added, "MOE supports IDA's Express IT! iN2015 Competition as it provides an excellent opportunity to engage our young in shaping their own future where technology will play an important part. Schools will encourage their pupils to use their imagination to dream boldly of what Singapore will become in 10 years' time. All pupils, from primary, secondary and pre-university levels, will have a variety of creative channels, through music, art and writing, to express 'IT' - our intelligent nation in 2015."
Ms Grace Chng, Deputy News Editor, The Straits Times / Digital Life, Singapore Press Holdings, said, "Digital Life is happy to be associated with this project. It is important for Singapore to use infocomm technology to remain agile in an increasingly competitive world. The competition is a unique approach of gathering ideas from youths and the public on how they perceive technology can be used in 10 years' time."

Source: Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Media Release 8 May 2005



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