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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 5 Oct 2005

Sculpture Square presents works by artist Cheo Chai-Hiang


'This and That, Here and There, Now and Then' (Erased/ Mislaid/ Rejected)

13 Oct 2005 to 20 Nov 2005

Sculpture Square is presenting an exhibition by Cheo Chai-Hiang featuring pieces and proposals which were either rejected, erased or mislaid between 1972 and 2004. The exhibition is open from 13 Oct - 20 Nov 2005.
Another section of this exhibition will feature new pieces which are either informed by, or related to, issues raised by those rejected or erased pieces and have been made specifically to re-visit and re-contextualise such issues.
"Contemporary art has in fact reached a point where artists are prepared to adopt anything as a medium to work with. What is important is the execution of the art work but the idea behind it. The speculation about the nature of things is sometimes more important that the rendering of actual appearances. An artist should be able to deal with any kind of material and to transform it into something that affects the spectator physically, intellectually and emotionally." Cheo, Chai-Hiang, Foreword to Modern Art Society Exhibition, 1974
Cheo Chai-Hiang is an artist, lecturer, writer and independent curator. His work and thought, developed in Singapore, UK, Spain, Italy, Australia and China, has expounded new interactions of identity, culture and place. As a practicing artist, he covers a wide range of disciplines, including printmaking, drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, performance and writing.
Since 1975 Cheo has held 18 solo shows in Singapore, Italy, Australia and China and has also exhibited his work in important international exhibitions in Australia, Germany and Italy. As a teacher, Cheo has held the position of senior lecturer at the School of Contemporary Arts, University of Western Sydney. He has also held the position of the curator of UWS university gallery and art collection.
In February 2003. Cheo returned to live and work in Singapore. He has recently completed a book project titled Re-Connecting, in which he has translated selected writings by Liu Kang and Ho Ho Ying from Chinese to English on the subject of Singapore art and art criticism. The translations are accompanied by an introduction and 'Interjections' by Cheo. This book is to be published in 2005. He has been commissioned to write and publish reviews and catalogue essays in both the Chinese and English language.
He is currently working as a full-time artist and a part-time lecturer at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.
Exhibition Venue: Sculpture Square
155 Middle Road Singapore 188977
Tel: (65) 6333 1055  Fax (65) 6333 1655

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