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Crow Jane presents GHOST at The Arts House


About Crow Jane

Crow Jane is a dance theatre company founded in 2003 by local dance choreographer, Joavien Ng, as a platform to present alternative and experimental performance work. Crow Jane emphasizes on collaborative projects with young, emerging artists of different disciplines.

In 2 years, Crow Jane has presented 3 works, namely LAB at The Arts House (2005); Toilet at the Esplanade Theatre (2005); and Conversation in the Park at the Singapore Art Museum (2004).

For more information about the company, visit


Joavien Ng


Joavien holds a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, and has, till date, created 7 full-length works and 3 short pieces.

Despite her dance background, her work often explores beyond the basic dance vocabulary. As a young emerging artist, she constantly collaborates and experiments with non-dancers, other dancers, and artists of other disciplines, to refine her own style and identity.

Joavien Ng has captured her own niche audience market, of which consists of both artists and non-artists, who are seeking alternative performance forms in the Singapore dance scene. Her works have been presented by various arts organisations in Singapore since 1998, including National Arts Council, Singapore Art Museum, Utterly Art Gallery and Ecnad.

Summary of presented work :

1. SchiZone (1998) presented by Ecnad (Dance Dimension Project)

2. Thin Air (2001) presented by National Arts Council, Singapore Arts Festival Late Nite Series.

3. Black (2002) presented by National Arts Council, Singapore Arts Festival Arts on the Move.

4. Flower (2002) presented by Temasek Polytechnic, Arts Festival

5. Tale of One (2004) presented by Utterly Art Gallery

6. Conversation in the Park (2004) presented by Singapore Art Museum

7. Toilet (2005) ¨C selected as one of the 3 finalists by The Esplanade for Sparks 2005.

8. Lab (2005) ¨Cpresented by Ecnad at Fireball revised 03June05


Yak Aik Wee

Composer and Performer

Yak Aik Wee is a multi-disciplinary artist and a recent graduate from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, School of Music. His studies there were supported by the National Arts Council (Georgette Chen Arts Scholarships).

Prior to his music studies, he served as an Artiste with the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company for 3 years, performing extensively in local as well as overseas deployments

like Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Brunei. As actor and dancer, he has appeared in both stage and television productions, including Guys and Dolls by Toy Factory, Kampong Amber by Music and Movement, Growing Up by MediaCorp TV, and Child with Tammy L. Wong Dance Company. Between that period, he also studied ballet for a decade with the late Tony Llacer.

His music compositions have been featured in concerts, dance and theatre projects, short films and art installations. These include Fireball by Ecnad; Lonely Planet by luna-id productions; Wardrobe of Memories, an artwork installation by Aleksander Obradovic; and Nocturne, as part of The Esplanade's Music Box Festival 2001.


Choy Ka Fai

Video Concept and Performer

Choy Ka Fai is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with video installation, short-films and theatrical performances. Video has always been his strongest point of collaboration and basis of experimentation. He graduated from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts with a Diploma in Fine Art (New Media Arts).

Ka Fai developed his artistic practice in the early theatre productions of FUNdaMENTAL Multi-Disciplinary. Since his first performance in 1998, he has presented various video and performance works with various artists and theatre directors.

Recently, he collaborated as a video artist with TheatreWorks in Sandakan Threnody directed by Ong Keng Seng, which was presented in Singapore Arts Festival, Brisbane Arts Festival and the Melbourne Arts Festival in 2004.

As a core artistic member of KYTV, he has been actively involved in performing and creating multimedia design for KYTV performance since 2002. He directed KYTV¡¯s most recent short films and Design For Death in Singapore and South Korea 2004.


Mohamed Fita Helmi

Lighting Designer and Performer

Mohamed Fita Helmi is a full time theatre practitioner who has worked with numerous theatre and production companies including KillYourTelevision (KYTV), The Necessary Stage, TheatreWorks (S) Ltd, Action Theatre, Teater Kami, Teater Ekamatra and Singapore Dance Theatre.

Helmi has worked as production manager, stage manager, lighting designer, and technical manager for over a decade. His recent production credits include Design For Death by KYTV at Esplanade (2003) and Korea (Seoul Fringe Festival 2004); and POP Station by KYTV (Insomnia 2004) His latest production was with The Necessary Stage¡¯s performance in Romania (Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2005) as technical manager.

He was given the Honourable Mention for Special Achievement in Lighting at the 3rd DBS Life Theatre Awards 2003. Beside production work and design, he was a full-time actor and facilitator at The Necessary Stage from 1996 to 2000, performing in Galileio¡­.i feel the earth move; Pillars; Superfriends ; Moving Home Stories; Exodus; Sex Violence Blood Gore; and Causeway. In 2004, he created and performed a solo monologue performance titled Blissed.


Ebelle Chong Chia Rhun


Ebelle Chong holds a Degree in Business Administration from the National University of Singapore and a Diploma in Contemporary Dance from LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. She is actively involved in the local dance scene as dancer, choreographer, teacher and production manager. Her recent choreographic works were presented by Ah Hock and Peng Yu (AHPY); which include Weeping Willows (2004); The Blue Carousel (2004); and TEA.MOVES (2005).

As Deputy General Manager of AH HOCK and PENG YU from 2003 to 2005, Ebelle managed several of the company's significant projects which include ¡°PENG YU¡± at the Singapore Arts Festival 2004; Kilt Bill for the Second Asia-Europe Dance Forum 2004 in Berlin; and TEA.MOVES (2005), a collaborative effort with The Esplanade ¨C The Studio Series.

As a dancer, she has performed in Spoke (1998) and On the Verge (1999) by TOUCH Arts; Subterrestial (2000) by the Arts Fission Company; Deliver Us! (2003) with Ballet Magnificat!; and the Whispering Cities series (2003) by AHPY. Ebelle was both Dancer and Production Manager for the following productions: Transfigured Nights II, III & IV ¨C Out ¡­ of Steps; Do You Remember; and Strawberry Milk, presented by AHPY.


Neo Hong Chin


Hong Chin graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a BFA (Performance) in Dance in 2002. As an outstanding and upcoming performer, she has worked with many artists like Daniel K, Xsion Tecklogix Company, AHPY(Ah Hock and Peng Yu), Cheryl Quek, Ricky Sim, etc.

Her recent choreograpy include ¡®Crazy Tango¡¯ presented by Xsion Techlogix Company in Bangkok, ¡®Dolls¡¯ presented by Practice Performing Arts School, ¡®Out of Steps¡¯ at the Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.


Leezibet z. heinz-raiden

Production Manager

Leezibet graduated from NAFA with a Diploma in Performing Arts Management. Since 2002, she had been actively involved as a performer and management for various Performing Arts Group (Ah Hock and Peng Yu, The Arts Fission Company, Singapore Dance Theatre, NAFA Dance Department, CROW JANE, Dance Collective, Sonic Edge, The Articulated Gallery Series, Words Forward, Wayang Warehouse and Choreographer, Ricky Sim 'Vietnam Tour').


Fu Xin Lin

Stage Manager

Fu Xin Lin received her dance training at the LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts. She founded Totem Dance in 1999, where which she continues to develop various dance and arts programs as well as choreographic works for local schools. She is also the founder of Fireflys, one of the pioneer fire performing groups in the region; and BIX, a local dance group. She is currently managing Fireflys¡¯ first South East Asia Fire festival.

Xin Lin is also actively involved in local productions as Production and Stage Manager. Her management credits include SchiZone (1998) by Ecnad; Thin Air (2001) by Crow Jane as part of Singapore Arts Festival 2001; and Tale of One (2004) by Utterly Art Gallery.

Content Contributor: Crow Jane



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