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Monday with the Editor: New Web site Singaworld launched

Hi everyone

We have started a new Web site, essentially a Singapore directory, to let visitors add links to Web sites on Singapore. The links are added free of charge. unlike on Getforme - Singapore on the Web. There are other features, such as forums, food and email, to keep visitors occupied.

As it is brand new, we expect it will take some time for people to wander in and learn what this new Web site, which we have named Singaworld, has to offer them. Just how did we arrive at the name, Singaworld?

Singaworld was born out of a need to separate fiction from fact and truth from fallacy. The quote "Singaworld - ...a nation of four million people who seem to have traded everything for money" appeared in a letter to the Forum Page of The Straits Times of 20 May 2004.

In that letter, the Singaporean writer took to task a recent article which appeared in the Lifestyle section of the Sunday Times, Johannesburg, South Africa. The forum writer whose outstation home was in Johannesburg said that the article "contributor had been hosted by the Singapore Tourism Board during the launch of Uniquely Singapore".

According to the forum writer, among other things, the contributor was not "impressed with the people. The young girls she saw on the street were likened to Asian versions of Britney Spears; the young men were accused of having succumbed to the David Beckham cult".

The forum writer said the contributor also mentioned "at least twice in the article that Singaporeans, in their pursuit of economic progress, have turned into money-hungry, soul-trading worshippers of Mammon".

"I must confess that my first reaction to the article was one of outrage," the forum writer went on. "But, as the initial feelings settled, I reflected on what had been written about my homeland," she continued.

Then, the forum writer revealed that "I love Singapore despite its not-so-perfect culture. I love Singapore because it is my HOME."  

Are you in agreement with her?

Do you have similar feelings about Singapore?

Show the rest of the world what you feel - participate in the Singaworld forums. Share your stories and blare all so that the world can indeed find out the truth about Singaporeans, warts and all.

How about those of us running Singaworld? Of course, we love Singapore, yes - warts and all. That's why we have put Singaworld online for all Singas.

definition of Singa those of us Singaporeans who think we belong to "a nation of four million people who seem to have traded everything for money". plural: Singas

By the way, we located the original article which appeared in the Sunday Times, South Africa, on 14 Jun 2004, almost a week before the forum writer contributed her letter. Here's the link: Nashira Davids goes in search of the soul of Singapore, only to find it's been replaced by 'progress'. For copyright reasons, we are unable to reproduce the article here.

Visit Singaworld at

Have a good week ahead!


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