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ExxonMobil Campus Concerts: NUS Hall Extravaganza

Source: The Centre for the Arts, NUS

ExxonMobil Campus Concerts in the month of March sees all six NUS Halls of Residence showcase their diverse talents through music, dance and drama in what will be a feast for the senses. The six Halls of Residence are Eusoff Hall, Kent Ridge Hall, King Edward VII Hall, Raffles Hall, Sheares Hall and Temasek Hall.

In addition, there will be a special chamber performance of gamelan music by master musicians from Java and selected members of the NUS Gamelan Ensemble. The event is organised by The Centre for the Arts (CFA), NUS. 

Unplugged Sessions

Fridays @ Dome Kent Ridge, 1pm

Need a break from the academic mayhem? Be entertained by talents from NUS Halls at Dome Kent Ridge for the first 3 Fridays in March’s Unplugged Sessions! The last Friday of March will see a special performance on the gamelan.

5 March 2004 by Eusoff Hall

Third prize winner of JamX 2003, Peroxide, Eusoff Hall's resident band, is known for performing songs from myriad genres and original compositions. For this session, they will perform an original number entitled Be Strong as well as their own rendition of Say It Ain't So by Weezer and other songs by Foo Fighters and Seether. A performance not to be missed!

12 March 2004 by Temasek Hall

The Exploding Monkeys, Sound Therapy and Trois, different bands from Temasek Hall will perform several originals featured in their self-produced CD. From easy-listening acoustic songs to whet your palate to original renditions of popular songs, this showcase is but a small sample of their varied taste in music. Enjoy!

19 March 2004 by Sheares & Kent Ridge Hall

Featuring singers and instrumentalists from Kent Ridge and Sheares Hall, here’s a relaxing afternoon of light hearted songs, with renditions of current hits, evergreens and original numbers by these homegrown talents.

26 March 2004  by Master Javanese Musicians & NUS Gamelan Ensemble

Presented in collaboration with the Southeast Asian Studies Programme, NUS

Enjoy a special chamber performance of traditional gamelan music by master musicians from Java and selected members of the NUS Gamelan Ensemble! Instead of the fuller sound of a complete ensemble, enjoy the soft, sensuous and rich texture produced by the "elaborating instruments" in this intimate chamber session. Here’s a chance to sample and appreciate the complexity of Javanese music!





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