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National Service cut to 2 years from Dec 2004 batch


MINDEF has recently carried out a thorough review of the full-time National Service duration. MINDEF has concluded that it can reduce the full-time National Service duration for those who currently have to serve 2 years by 6 months, to 2 years, while maintaining the operational readiness of the SAF and its ability to fulfil its mission.

This means that all National Servicemen will therefore serve 24 months or 2 years of full-time National Service....

MINDEF will implement the revised 24-month full-time NS duration with effect from the batch of National Servicemen who will be enlisted in December 2004, that is, at the end of this year.

To minimise transitional anomalies where servicemen who enlist later complete their full-time NS before those who enlist earlier, there will be a graduated reduction in duration for batches enlisted earlier than the December 2004 batch.

Those who are enlisted between June and November this year for 2 years of full-time National Service will get a four-month cut in full-time NS duration.

Full-time National Servicemen who are currently serving their 2 years of service will get up to a two-month cut in service duration. I say up to a 2-month cut because the earliest date that the ORD for these in-service National Servicemen can be brought forward to will be 30 June 2004, to allow time for the units to do their administrative out-processing arrangements.

Full-time National Servicemen returning from disruption to serve out the balance of their 2 years of full-time National Service will also be given a corresponding cut in their NS duration based on the cohort in which they were enlisted.

There will be no change for those serving two years of full-time National Service.

The current 8 week reduction in National Service duration given to National Servicemen who have attained a pre-enlistment fitness level of at least a NAPFA Silver will remain. This 8-week reduction for fit enlistees will be granted in two parts 4 weeks at the beginning of their service during the Basic Military Training phase, and 4 weeks at the end of their full-time National Service period.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will be implementing the corresponding changes for National Servicemen currently serving in or who will be enlisted into the Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

MINDEF will be working with our local universities to better align the university intake schedules from 2007 when the first batch of National Servicemen serving the new NS duration completes their full-time National Service.

Full text of speech

Excerpted from Defence Minister RADR Teo Chee Hean's speech in Parliament on 15 Jun 2004

Source: Ministry of Defence News Release 15 Jun 2004


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