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Direct school admission for integrated programme 


It was announced in Mar 04 that revisions will be made to the secondary and junior college (JC) school admission system, to support a more flexible and broad-based education system .

Hence the Direct School Admission exercise will be implemented this year, for schools offering Integrated Programmes (IP) for their Secondary One intake in 2005, to allow for greater flexibility in school admission.

Under the Direct School Admission (DSA) Exercise, starting with the Secondary One intake in 2005, seven schools offering the Integrated Programme (IP) will be offering places to students into their IP at Secondary One based on the schools’ own admission criteria.

This will be done before the release of the PSLE results.

The seven schools are Anglo Chinese School (Independent) [ACS(I)], Dunman High School (DHS), Hwa Chong Institution (The Chinese High School) (HCI), Nanyang Girls’ High School (NYGH), the National University of Singapore High School of Mathematics and Science (NUSHS) Raffles Institution (RI), Raffles Girls School (RGS).

The admission criteria that the schools have decided upon are tabulated at Annex A.

Direct School Admission Exercise

These schools have been conducting their respective selection exercises to shortlist suitable students and they can start making DSA offers for eligible students.

The DSA Exercise would be conducted before the release of the PSLE results to formally admit these students in 2 phases, as follows:

Phase 1 – 18 Oct 2004 to 22 Oct 2004 
Phase 2 – 8 Nov 2004 to 12 Nov 2004 

There will be an interval period from 25 Oct 2004 to 5 Nov 2004 for schools to consolidate their student admissions and make new offers to students on their waiting list. The timeline for the DSA Exercise is at Annex B.

Phase 1 DSA Exercise

All Phase 1 offers made by the schools, if not formally accepted before the end of Phase 1 ( 22 Oct 2004 ), would be considered null and void. Students who do not accept such offers by 22 Oct 2004 would be considered to have rejected the Phase 1 offers and would not be extended another DSA offer by the same school.

Interval Period

During the two-week period after the end of Phase 1 (from 25 Oct 2004 to 5 Nov 2004 ), schools may offer the remaining vacancies to students on their waiting list. Students given offers during this period must accept the offers by the end of Phase 2 (12 Nov 2004).

Phase 2 DSA Exercise

Students may accept Phase 2 offers from 8 Nov 2004 to 12 Nov 2004 . All Phase 2 Offers would expire on 12 Nov 2004 and no extensions would be granted.

Other General Instructions

Each student is allowed to accept only ONE offer at any one time. If a student is found to have accepted more than ONE offer, he would be disqualified from the DSA Exercise, and all offers made to him would be rejected.

If any student wishes to change his mind after having accepted an offer from a school, he can withdraw his earlier acceptance by formally submitting a Withdrawal Form at the MOE Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675.

Students who have previously accepted a DSA offer, and would like to be posted in MOE’s Open Posting Exercise, would have to withdraw from the DSA offer before 19 Nov 2004.

Admission Criteria for IP

Selection criteria would be determined by the schools. Students offered places under the DSA exercise would be guaranteed a place in the school so long as their PSLE results qualify them to take up the Express course.

Information for the Public

Additional information on the specific admission criteria and programmes available in each school can be obtained from the respective schools and from their websites (Please see schools’ website at Annex A).


Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 24 Sep 2004


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