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Recent rape and molestation cases in Singapore

Oral Answer to Parliamentary Question for MHA during Parliament Sitting on recent reports in the Straits Times on molestation and rape cases on 24 November 04

Mdm Cynthia Phua:
"To ask the Minister for Home Affairs with regard to recent reports in the Straits Times on molestation and rape case,
(a) how many of these cases were victims known to the culprits?;
(b) what are the measures taken to reduce these incidents?; and
(c) are there any public education programmes in the schools, as many victims were very young teenage girls."
Madam Cynthia Phua asked for the number of rape and molestation cases where the perpetrators were known to their victims.
For the period 2000 to June 2004, the perpetrator was known to or acquainted with the victim in 9 out of 10 reported cases of rape.
For the same period, 3 out of 10 reported cases of outrage of modesty were committed by persons known to the victims.
To deter would-be perpetrators, the Police conduct patrols at entertainment nightspots and their vicinity to maintain a visible presence. The Police works closely with residents, grassroots organisations and other agencies to enhance the safety in the neighbourhoods.
These initiatives, under the Community Safety and Security Programme or CSSP framework, include fixing additional lighting to brighten public places at night, setting up neighbourhood watch groups, organising joint patrols and house visits involving Police and residents and holding talks and exhibitions.
The Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Police have been educating students that they too have a part to play in preventing molest and rape.
Schools conduct public education programmes to educate our young on personal safety and prevention of sexual abuse. These are comprehensively covered in subjects such as Civics and Moral Education, Social Studies, and Health Education.
Police complements MOE's efforts by conducting school assembly talks to educate students on what they can do to prevent themselves from falling victim to rape and molest. So far, 99 such talks have been conducted this year.
Let me assure the House that we view every case seriously. Whilst Police will continue to maintain its presence to deter potential perpetrators and take the necessary enforcement actions, members of the public can also help by taking an active role in ensuring their own personal safety as well as of those around them.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Press Release 24 Nov 2004


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