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Certification of Registers of Electors 2004

The Registers of Electors for all 23 electoral divisions have been certified on 29 October 2004. There are 2,113,540 names of electors in the certified Registers.

Of these, 420 are registered as overseas electors to vote at one of the eight Overseas Polling Stations.

These will be set up in the Singapore diplomatic Missions in Canberra, Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, London, Washington and San Francisco. Annex A shows the distribution of the overseas electors by Overseas Polling Stations.

Reaching out to overseas Singaporeans

As this is the first time registration for overseas voting was opened, Elections Department worked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Singapore International Foundation and Contact Singapore on a series of publicity and outreach initiatives to inform Singaporeans abroad of the registration exercise.

We placed banners publicizing the registration exercise on the websites frequently accessed by overseas Singaporeans, such as the SIF website, AsiaOne, Channelnewsasia, Zaobao online and ST Interactive. These banners were hyperlinked to the Elections Department website ( which gave details on the Registers of Electors and the registration exercise for overseas voting.

About 15,000 copies of information brochures on the registration exercise and application forms were distributed to the Singapore Missions, Overseas Singapore Clubs and Contact Singapore Centres in the eight cities concerned.

Information on the registration exercise was also disseminated through the overseas clubs’ contacts and those of government or major local corporations with overseas offices.

Contact during registration

During the registration period from 28 September to 18 October, the Elections Department website recorded a total of 56,319 names in the Registers of Electors being checked via its online service. 27,125 of these names (48 per cent) were accessed from outside Singapore.

In total, 706 overseas Singaporeans completed the registration forms using the electronic facility provided by the Elections Department website and 100 submitted their hardcopy applications in person or by registered post to Elections Department or the Missions direct.

Of the 706 who made use of the electronic facility to complete the forms, only 446 sent in the hardcopy forms to Elections Department or the Missions, as required under the law.

Therefore, only 546 applications for which the hardcopy forms have been received were eventually processed by Elections Department. Of these, 420 applications were approved and 126 could not be accepted because the applicants did not satisfy the qualifying criteria for registration.

The Registers of Electors are produced in two versions, namely, hardcopy and CD. Political parties and potential candidates for elections may purchase them at Elections Department.

The price for each set of hardcopy Register ranges from $110 for a Single Member Constituency, to $660 for a 6-member Group Representation Constituency. The CD-Registers are sold at half the price of the hardcopy versions. All prices are exclusive of GST.

Annex A.....

Source: Elections Department 4 Nov 2004


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