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Water Issue Is About Sanctity of Agreements, Not About Price Alone, says Foreign Minister


Singapore Foreign Minister Prof S Jayakumar today (25 Jan 03) comprehensively rebutted Malaysian allegations on the water issue and other issues. He underscored that the issue goes well beyond the actual price of water supplied by Malaysia to Singapore.

He also refuted other allegations such as those concerning Malaysia's vacating of the naval base facilities in Woodlands, the signing of the Special Agreement on Pedra Branca, the ASEAN+3 Secretariat proposal and the East Asian Economic Caucus (EAEC).

Documents, Correspondence and Diplomatic Notes released to set out facts

Prof Jayakumar noted that all these allegations had the common objective of painting Singapore as "insensitive", "arrogant" and "unneighbourly" in the conduct of its bilateral relations with Malaysia.

But the most strident allegations by Malaysia were on the water issue, including claims that Singapore was "selfish", "profiteering", "legalistic" and "unreasonable". The water issue was the core problem underlying the endless, vitriolic barrage of Malaysian allegations.

But the water issue was critical to Singapore's survival as a nation, and Singaporeans needed to know the facts and be able to judge for themselves. He released the exchanges of correspondences between the leaders of the two countries, as well as formal diplomatic exchanges concerning this issue.

He had to do so because "so much misinformation on the water issue has been put out by Malaysia that it now needs to be countered by conclusive evidence. These documents will clear the air for everyone." The documents, in two volumes, are now part of the official records of Parliament. The documents also include the texts of various Agreements.

The fundamental issue: Sanctity of Water Agreements and Separation Agreement

The fundamental issue was not the price of water, but how Singapore was made to pay for any revision. This cannot be done at the will or dictate of Malaysia.

Said Prof Jayakumar: "The 1961 and 1962 Water Agreements are enshrined in the Separation Agreement and registered at the United Nations. They are fundamental to our very existence as an independent nation. Neither Singapore nor Malaysia can unilaterally change them.


NEW WEB SITES   is the Web site of the new Media Development Authority, formed by the merger of the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA), the Films and Publications Department (FPD) and the Singapore Film Commission (SFC).   is a cyber platform, set up by the Ministry of Law, to keep Singaopore's overseas lawyers informed of developments in the local legal scene, gather feedback on legal reform and developments in other countries and to assist the local legal fraternity to network with those working overseas.

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29 January 2003

Thursday's News


The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has lifted a 1995 ruling which requires a car buyer to make a 30 per cent cash downpayment and repay his car loan within seven years. The policy change is expected to spur demand for new cars. (1)

There was a record 34 cases of anorexia nervosa at the Institute of Mental Health's (IMH) eating disorders and child guidance clinics in 2001. The number dipped to 24 in 2002, but this was four times as many in 1994. Nearly three out of four IMH patients surveyed by IMH in 2002 were students, proportionally more from all-girl schools. (H1)

Singapore's very own 'Central park' will be built by 2004 in the central catchment area, which stretches between the Upper Seletar and MacRitchie reservoir parks, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) said yesterday. The park will have boardwalks, hiking trails, a canopy walkway and an observation tower. (H4)

A record 29 million passengers used Changi Airport in 2002, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said yesterday. Passenger traffic slipped to 28.1 million in 2001, from a previous record of 28.6 million in 2000. (H5)

Local actress Irin GAN, 31, was charged in traffic court yesterday with careless driving. H8)




Around the world

London: The British government is abolishing A and O levels and replacing them with a version of the International Baccalaureate in one of the biggest shakeups the education system has seen. All students will work towards the baccalaureate from the age of 14 and the curriculum will make room for vocational subjects. There will be no national exams for sixteen-year-olds. (3)




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