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Monday with the Editor: Our Web site gets back on its feet


Our Web site was compromised last week and we had to take emergency measures to bring the whole Web site online again. As you know, our Web site has put on some weight since we came online in 1999. We now have about 4,500+ Web pages spread over some 200 sections. So, putting everything back online is a somewhat tedious task.

We are not 100% online as of today - only about 60%. It will take another two weeks before most of the Web pages and images can be viewed here. So, when you are visiting our Web pages and find some pictures not showing, please do not be alarmed. It's just that we have to reload these pictures into the server once more. And with more than 10,000 such pictures on our Web site, this can be quite a task.

Also, some of our databases are still not working. Databases such as Singapore Classifieds, ABAAG Classmates, ENJOY and Obituaries have been reinstalled and are now working. But, as we did not do a backup of these databases, some of the users files have been lost. Therefore, if you are a member of any of these databases and can't log onto your control panel, please register again for a new account. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Other databases such as NetPals, Mixnmatch, Mix2match, China Classifieds and Singapore Postcards will not be returning online so soon. We have also lost the user base in these databases so users have to register.

Disaster recovery is topmost in our minds but, as we have only four hands to do all the work, recovery work can take some time. When you click on a link on any of our Web pages and can't get through, please go over to our FrontPage (homepage) at The links on our Homepage are all working links.

Finally, thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Enjoy  New community section for Singaporeans based overseas and foreign expats

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We are now 5456 pages thick and growing.

Public Holidays NATIONAL DAY is the next public holiday. It falls on Saturday 9 August 2003.




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