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Monday with the Editor: No good cheer for 2003

Hallo everyone

Yesterday, while I was doing my usual weekend window shopping with my wife, I happened to remark to her that it's already September. I said that in about a month's time, Christmas cards would start appearing in stores here - Christmas was not far off; 2003 was ending soon.

It was just a casual remark. As we strode into Heartland Mall - Kovan in Hougang, she went into This Fashion for a spot of browsing, and I made my way into myepb store on the third level. There, lo and behold, my eyes fell upon stacks of - would you believe it? - Christmas cards neatly arranged on an open table, next to diaries for 2004. By George!, it's only September and yet, Christmas cards for sale have started appearing in shops here. 

I was wondering to myself whether it could have been a mistake, that instead of Christmas cards, these chaps should have put out Deepavali cards as Deepavali was less than a month away.

Then I remembered - last year, Christmas cards came out in the middle of October. That's about two months before Christmas Day! So it appears that for the past two years, stores have been trying to cajole shoppers into the Christmas shopping spirit. That's good business sense - more shopping done means more dollars in the stores' kitty.

It seems we have to make up for a lacklustre year. 2003 hasn't been a fulfilling year for most of us here. Apart from those who have had a windfall from Toto or some other lucky strike, I daresay, the rest of us, including me, have had quite a bad year. The year started on a good footing, but somewhere along the way, many of us tripped financially and ended up with 'monetary' bruises.

It got worse as the months progressed. Newspaper articles reported retrenchment news. Then SARS got into the picture and made things worse than they already were. Many of us found difficulty trying to make ends meet.

Those with cars also got hurt. As prices of new cars fell, resale values of used cars plummeted. Car owners who have had a hard time paying the hefty monthly instalments, which they had committed themselves to years earlier, thought of selling off their cars to reduce their burden.

But, they found that as a result of the fall in resale prices of second-hand cars, especially the COE cars, they would end up in the red in the tens of thousands of dollars should they give up their cars. Unable to dispose of their cars, they next thought of refinancing their cars so that they could get a lower monthly instalment amount. Alas, finance companies did not have a provision to provide help in this area.

The bad news did not stop here. Banks are becoming nervy over some customers' failure to meet their minimum payments. It is not uncommon for their collections staff to hound these errant customers for the back payments in order to regularise their accounts.

But, hey! It's nearing October - that time of the year when we get to apply to withdraw our ERP shares. That money should come out in early November. It's heaven-sent money to many of us. It will surely save a lot of souls out there who are living from hand to mouth these few months.

My message? Don't give up. Take one day at a time. Find your solutions on a day-to-day basis. Remember - bad times will come and go. What is important is we hang in there and be around when the good times roll in.

Have a good week!



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22 September 2003

Singapore Time