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Conditions of Employment 2002

Workweek Pattern:

The 5-day working week has become more common among private sector employees. In 2002, 38% of full-time employees worked 5 days a week, up from 35% in 1996. Lagging significantly behind, were the 6-day and the traditional 5-day workweek at 17% and 16% respectively, following declines from 20% and 22% shares in 1996. Next was the "5-day with regular Saturday off" at 11%, which was little changed over the past 6 years.

In contrast, shift-work and other forms of non-standard workweek patterns have gained in popularity, accounting for 17% of the full-time employees in 2002 compared to only 8.5% in 1998. This is not surprising given the growth in service economy where non-standard hours are common. The rise also suggests a growing need of employers in general for greater flexibility in managing working hours to cope with changes in demand.

Flexible Work Arrangements:

In 2002, some 3.8% of private sector employees were on some forms of flexible work arrangements, up from 2.6% in 1998. It is estimated that private sector establishments with at least 25 workers have some 36,900 employees on these flexible working arrangements, up from 24,600 four years ago. This came about solely due to increased use of part-timers from 1.9% (or 17,800) of the private sector employees in 1998 to 3.4% (or 33,500) in 2002.

The incidence of workers with other forms of flexibility e.g. flexitime, teleworking and conventional homeworking have either declined or remained unchanged. For example, only 0.22% (2,200) of private sector employees were on flexitime, down from 0.26% (or 2,500) in 2000 and 0.57% (or 5,400) in 1998. The percentage who telework was even smaller at 0.08% (or 800), while only a negligible 0.01% (or 100) were engaged in conventional homeworking.

Contingent Work:

With economic uncertainties, there could be a tendency for firms to engage workers on temporary or short-term contracts so that they can adjust their manpower more readily in response to changes in demand.

In 2002, some 36,600 workers attached to private sector establishments with at least 25 workers can be considered to be on contingent employment, constituting 3.6% of total employment (Total employment is defined as the sum of workers employed by private sector establishments with at least 25 workers and the number of freelancers and casual workers as well as those supplied by labour suppliers or employment agencies who are deployed in these establishments).

Close to 7 in 10 of the contingent workers were employed and supplied by labour suppliers or employment agencies and are not counted as employees of the firm they are attached to. The remaining were distributed between temporary workers directly recruited by the firms under short-term contracts at 17% and freelancers or casual workers at 16%.

Annual Leave:

With the improvement in the educational and occupational profile of the workforce over the years, more employees are now accorded longer annual leave entitlement. In 2002, 41% of full-time employees had at least 15 days of annual leave, up from 31% in 1992. Although those with less than 15 days leave still formed the majority at 59%, the share had declined from 69% a decade ago.

Sick Leave:

On average, 14% of employees took sick leave (either inpatient or outpatient) in June 2002, same as in June 2000 and June 1997. Among those who took sick leave, the average number of sick leave taken per employee was 1.9 days in the month, little changed over the past few years (1.9 days in June 2000 and 2.0 days in June 1997). For employees on outpatient sick leave, the average number of days taken was1.5 days per employee, while those on hospitalisation leave took 11 days.

Singapore Government Press Release 10 Jan 2003

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A new Dating Service

NEW WEB SITES   is the Web site of the new Media Development Authority, formed by the merger of the Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA), the Films and Publications Department (FPD) and the Singapore Film Commission (SFC).   is a cyber platform, set up by the Ministry of Law, to keep Singaopore's overseas lawyers informed of developments in the local legal scene, gather feedback on legal reform and developments in other countries and to assist the local legal fraternity to network with those working overseas.  is a new one-stop portal set up by the Ministry of Law. It provides answers to frequently asked questions on legal matters by the man on the street such as whether you need to engage a lawyer to draft your will, can you still pay your traffic fine without going to court after the offer for composition has expired, or how to apply for custody of your children.  is the Web site of a new online monitoring system launched by the Supreme Court on 28 Nov 2002. It allows subscribers to be automatically alerted via e-mail whenever there is any legal action involving a specified list of companies. The information is drawn directly from the databases of the Supreme Court.

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14 January 2003

Monday's News


The search for missing navy servicewoman Chua Bee Lin was called off by the Ministry of Defence yesterday, after 10 days of round-the-clock efforts on land and at sea proved fruitless. (1)

New laws are being proposed to allow Singapore doctors to transplant livers and corneas of people who die. With the proposed changes, almost 50 more people suffering from liver and kidney failure could be saved each year from an estimated 12 more donors. (1)

MediaWorks' first televised fundraiser, Ren Ci Charity Show, on Sunday night netted over S$5.1 million, more than twice its targetted amount of S$2.5 million. According to Nielson Meida Research, the show attracted an average of 24.2 per cent of viewers aged 15 and above, compared to 14.3 per cent for Channel 8's PSC Nite Gala Special which was aired at the same time. (1)

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) did not repossess a single flat last year although around 4 per cent of borrowers, with about 21,800 families, were considered to have defaulted on their loan instalments for three months or more. (3)

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) will build studio flats for the elderly in the same blocks as 3-, 4- and 5-room units. The change follows a HDB survey which showed that people prefer not to have the studios built in separate blocks. Those polled comprised 193 already living in studio flats, 316 potential buyers aged 55 and older, and 290 singles aged between 35 and 54. (3)

Complaints to the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) against real estate agents climbed from 200 for the whole year of 2000, to 277 between January and October last year. It received 213 such complaints in 2001. (H4) 




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