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New Singapore Examinations & Assessment Board

Excerpt of speech by Acting Minister for Education Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam in Parliament on 11 Nov 2003


"...the Bill before this House seeks to establish a statutory board to be known as the Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board. The Board will take over the functions of the Examinations Division in the Ministry of Education.

"It will develop and conduct national examinations, which serve the objectives of our education system and uphold standards in Singapore schools. Over time, it will also look into meeting demands for other assessment services, both in Singapore and abroad. The Board will establish Singapore as a centre of excellence in testing and assessment...

"The capacity to design and run a rigorous examination system, closely aligned to our curricular objectives and anchored in high standards, is key to maintaining a sound and effective education system in Singapore.

"The assessment of students is an integral part of the learning process. How and what we assess reflects our educational objectives. The assessment and examination system therefore cannot be static, and never has been.

"As our educational objectives evolve to meet the needs of the future, as we develop new emphases in our curriculum and take on new methods of teaching and learning in schools, we have to evolve our assessment methods and review and update the content of our examinations. 

"Control over the examination system is therefore necessary to ensure that it remains in tandem with changes in the Singapore education system and helps prepare our students well for the future.

"Today, Singapore exercises some degree of control over the examination system. The PSLE is a Singaporean exam, in name and substance. Both the 'O' and 'A' levels have evolved to cater to our needs, and are no longer tied to equivalent exams offered in the UK.

"For the 'A' levels, MOE has now taken responsibility for development of syllabuses and examination formats, setting of standards and awarding of grades - in other words, all key functions except the setting of questions and marking of scripts, which we outsource to the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). We will be doing the same for the GCE 'O' level examinations from 2006. 

"The new, statutory board structure will serve two strategic objectives. First, it will facilitate our efforts to take greater control over the examination system. Establishing the Exams Board will enhance our operational capacity and flexibility in running our national examinations system.

"It will help in developing local examination expertise, and facilitate research and development in assessment. New developments in assessment will be needed to match ongoing changes in curriculum and teaching methods as Singapore continuously improves its education system.

"The second objective for establishing the Board is to position it in the long term as a centre for testing and assessment services in the region and beyond.

"The success of our schools and achievements of our students in areas such as Mathematics and Science has attracted overseas interest in our education system. This is reflected in the growing number of visitors to MOE, increased collaboration with foreign agencies, and requests for assistance from around the world.

"This strong international standing of our education system presents us with a unique opportunity. The new Board will have the operational flexibility to meet demands for testing and assessment services beyond our national schools, in Singapore and abroad. It will contribute to Singapore's development as an Education Hub..."

Ministry of Education Press Release 11 Nov 2003



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