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A Cleopatra Exposé

by Barbara Nell

The Daisy Shop, women’s couture resale

67 East Oak Street, 6th floor, Chicago, IL  60611

Model, Janelle, Emalfarb Agency, Chicago, IL.

Stylist, Vanetta, Chicago, IL

Photographer, Monarch Studios, Chicago, IL

Last year, The Field Museum in Chicago, IL held an exhibit on Cleopatra, which I went to see, and from which I came away dissatisfied, for Cleopatra was not really there in the selection of artifacts chosen to be exhibited.  The artifacts were representational and exegetic.  Apparently, she, the VII in the Ptolomey line, lives on in legends, not in artifacts, and I was curious why this is so.  

After attending the exhibit, I did some research on the Internet about her and found the reason for the lack of artifacts:  They were destroyed after her suicide under orders from Octavion, who ruled Rome and Rome's territories (of which Egypt was a part) under the name, Augustus.  

Interesting, very interesting that the Emperor of Rome, a city-state that ruled the known world at that time, would choose to destroy the living artifacts of a woman whose lands were already conquered and was a mere seductress.  Something smelled bad, but I didn't have time to pursue this fact with further research.

The Pearl Exhibit arriving at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL on June 28, 2002 caused me to remember that odor because of a legend I vaguely remembered about Cleopatra and pearls and Marc Antony and a banquet Cleopatra held with or for Marc Antony in which pearl earrings were the fulcrum.

The Internet provided me with a "Pearl Earring Banquet" legend - no better and no worse than any on the Internet - written by a non-academic historian, Fred Ward, in his article, "The History of Pearls."  He's a gemologist and author of the book Pearls (Gem Book Publishers, Bethesda, Maryland, 1998), and the article was adapted for the Internet. 


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Singapore Seventeen - new magazine launched

Army Open House 2002 at SAFTI

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RSAF's 112 Squadron acquires Full Operational Capability with its KC-135Rs

Enhancing regulatory control of Chinese Proprietary Medicines (CPM)

Singapore - the sum of our dreams: PM GOH's National Day Rally speech

Ministry of National Development's new vision & mission: Excerpt of speech by Minister MAH Bow Tan

Ranking of Top 50 Schools in Singapore 2002

Performance of Singapore economy in 2nd quarter 2002

Education: Keeping pace with the needs of tomorrow - Excerpt of speech by Education Minister TEO Chee Hean

Preliminary unemployment, employment and retrenchment estimates for 2nd quarter 2002

Singapore celebrates 35 years of national service

Ah Boy & Ah Girl Alumni - seeking ex-schoolmates

The Teacher's Dilemma

Has the National Library got to go?


BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.

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31 August 2002

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Friday's News


The Straits Times newspaper will have a new editor from Monday. HAN Fook Kwang, 49, a former civil servant, will take over from Leslie FONG, 53, who is stepping down to become editor-at-large to focus on strengthening the paper's coverage of Asia, especially Greater China. HAN will head a team of 275 journalists and 60 non-journalists. (1)

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) yesterday said it had tested all the 208 health supplements and Chinese proprietary medicines (CPMs) sold here for the purpose of weight loss and found them to be free of dangerous compounds. The testing took place between May and June 2002 in the wake of the uproar over Slim 10, a China-made weight-loss drug. (3)

The Life! section of The Straits Times will be revamped from Sunday with Sunday Plus becoming Sunday Life!. Readers can expect more arts stories on Mondays, travel on Tuesdays, movies on Wednesdays, fashion on Thursdays, music on Fridays and design on Saturdays. (4)

Coffeeshop chain S-11 has paid the Ascott Group S$19 million for Cuppage Terrace in Orchard Road and intends to convert some of the swanky restaurants there into an "upmarket" food court. Cuppage Terrace is a row of 17 conserved shophouses occupied mainly by pubs and fine-dining restaurants offering al-fresco dining. (H1)

Singapore shares fifth placing with Sweden in the annual Corruption Index, a global survey on perceptions of graft conducted by Transparency International, an international anti-corruption organisation which brings together civil-society groups, businesses and governments. Malaysia ranks 33th, Thailand 64th, The Philippines 77th and Indonesia 96th. (H2)

Since the launch of the damage assessment scheme on August 1, close to 4,000 vehicles have been sent to five Independent Damage Assessment Centres (IDAC) run by Vicom Assessment Centre, STA Inspection and DelGro Assessment Centre. The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) said that, on average, it takes between 50 and 100 minutes for all necessary forms to be filled out and a vehicle assessed. (H3) 

Singaporeans should receive letters on their Economic Restructuring Shares (ERS) allotment by the middle of next month. CPF members who have put at least S$50 into their CPF accoutns this year will get their shares automatically on 1 Jan 2003. The shares, which is worth S$1 each and can be exchanged for cash immediately, will be given out in three instalments annually. (H5)

From next week, CPF members will be able to put their retirement savings into unit trusts and other instruments denominated in foreign currencies, such as the US dollar. But the Sing-dollar rule will not be relaxed for CPF investments in gold and shares. (A16)





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London: Children become addicted to cigarettes very quickly and, for some, just one puff would be enough to get them hooked, according to new research published by the British Medical Journal. They appeared to be more vulnerable than adults because their brains were still developing, said researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School. The study involved 679 children aged between 12 and 13 over a period of 30 months. (8)



To assist you in tracing the above news articles in The Straits Times, we have provided the section and page numbers at the end of each news article. Therefore, (12): main section page 12; (S4): sports section page 4; (A10): asia section page 10; (L3): life section page 3.

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