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Low Lying Areas In Singapore  Lists the flood-prone areas in Singapore.

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The WEATHER on WEDNESDAY (27 Feb 2002): Showers with thunder in the afternoon mainly over northern, central and western Singapore.   WEATHER OUTLOOK:  THURSDAY & FRIDAY: Afternoon showers with thunder are expected.   WATER TIDES (this month)  High tide 10.52am  3.0m   -    SUN Sunrise  7.15am    Sunset 7.20pm   MOON  Moonrise  7.30pm  Moonset   7.03am    PSI: 34 (good)   TEMPERATURE: 24-33 degrees Celsius (The weather is updated daily before 8am Singapore time) For more information, call Meteorological Service Singapore Tel: (65) 542 7788.

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New Singapore Shares - First dividend to be credited on 1 Mar 2002

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Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crab

  The first dividend for the New Singapore Shares (NSS) would be credited on 1 March 2002. The dividend will be in the form of bonus NSS. A total of 12.34 million bonus NSS would be credited to the accounts of 2.08 million NSS shareholders.

  The dividend rate will be the guaranteed minimum of 3% per annum. The first dividend will be for the 4-month period 1 November 2001 to 28 February 2002. Depending on the number of NSS held as at 15 February 2002, each NSS shareholder would earn a dividend ranging from 1 to 17 bonus NSS.

   NSS shareholders are encouraged to keep their NSS until 2007 to earn the maximum amount of dividends. Future dividends will be credited every 1 March from 2003 to 2007.

  NSS shareholders who have already exchanged 50% of their originally allotted NSS for cash should note that they will not be able to exchange the bonus NSS for cash as the minimum cash exchange amount is 200 NSS per transaction prior to 1 November 2002.

  The NSS shareholdings including bonus NSS will be reflected in the CPF Half-Yearly Statement of Account which is sent to CPF members twice a year. PUBLIC ENQUIRIES NSS shareholdings including bonus NSS can also be checked through these channels:

NSS Websites (CPF PAL PIN required) 

NSS PAL-Phone (CPF PAL PIN required) 1800-7-885-NSS (1800-7-885-677)

  NSS holders who have forgotten or lost their CPF PAL PINs can re-set them at any Community Development Council (CDC), selected Community Clubs/Centres or any CPF office. They must do so in person together with their NRIC. For more information, the public can call the NSS Hotline at 1800-8-NSS-NSS (1800-8-677-677) or visit the NSS Websites.

Central Provident Fund Press Statement dated 26 Feb 2002


All business and residential telephone numbers in Singapore will have a new prefix "6" from 1 Mar 2002. Our new telephone numbers are 62824221 and 62814785 (fax).

NEW WEBSITES  is the website of the new "Remaking Singapore" Committee which aims to reach out to a wide cross- section of Singaporeans to understand their aspirations and goals; and to explore new ideas, directions and plans to re-make Singapore.  Online sale of haute couture & designer label clothing and accessories for women and men.  A new website launched on 12 Jan 2002 by the Films and Publications Department (FPD) with the aim of providing a user-friendly resource for movie-goers in Singapore. FPD monitors films and publications in Singapore.

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BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.

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Public Holidays GOOD FRIDAY is the next public holiday. It falls on 29 Mar 2002.

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27 February 2002

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