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Monday with the Editor: Reincarnate as a Singaporean?

Hi everyone

Last evening, my wife's uncle - in response to my wife's remarks about not knowing where her deceased father was or what he was now doing in the afterlife - said that most likely her father was now reincarnated as someone here in Singapore.

He added that reincarnation as a Singaporean was something very good - her father would have a "hor mia" (Hokkien for good life). I am inclined to agree with him. 

This uncle of hers is now in his sixties. He has been through the good and the bad times in the last sixty-plus years here. He has also seen Singapore in good times as well as in bad. So he is in a better position than most people younger than him to pronounce judgment on the type of life available here in Singapore. 

I am pretty sure most of you know we are living a comfortable life here. You also know that we are living in, perhaps, the safest country in South-east Asia.

If you have doubts, just look around you first. We can walk around any time of the day and night and still feel safe. We don't get bombs going off every now and then, though from time to time we have had some crazy people who think they can have some fun by calling up the authorities and saying some bomb's going off here or there.

There's no rebel soldiers or insurgents preying on us or kidnapping our people for ransom or other reasons. We also don't get lynch mobs openly chopping off people's heads in the streets.
In fact, I think when we watch the news on television and catch flitting sequences of such gruesome acts, deep down in our heart we heave a sigh of relief that such terrible things do not happen in our homeland.

But, when you next get a chance to see such horrendous acts on television, keep this in mind - such despicable acts which we never believe will happen in Singapore are carried out by narrow-minded people who are prepared to create a blood bath to ensure they attain their goals. And as long as we belong in this human race, we have to accept the possibility that such people will always exist. 

But, we have a choice. We don't need to succumb to their threats because we have the power to stop these terrorists from ever setting up shop in Singapore. What power is it that we have? The power to continue electing the same team that has led us through the early years of independence to progress and prosperity in the new millennium.

As long as we have the right team in government, we will not need to fear terrorists, for this team will nib the terrorists in the bud. I am not rallying support for the present government's re-election in the coming years. I am just telling you not to ignore the peace and prosperity in Singapore that you and I have been taking for granted up to now.

It is no pure coincidence that we have been enjoying peace and prosperity for as long as we have been having the present government in power.

Remember - the violent scenes that you have seen being aired on television news programmes in the past few nights could very well have happened here in Singapore. But, they didn't. Let's make sure they never!

Have a nice Monday.

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21 October 2002

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