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The Best of Comgraph Animation Screening

Source: Rubix Cube Communications

The Best of Comgraph Animation Screening takes place at Guinness Theatre in The Substation on 10 & 11 Jan 2003 at 7.30pm. The screening is the preview event for the coming ComGraph 2003 - 4th Asia Pacific Digital Art and Animation Competition.

The screening is co-organised by Siggraph Singapore and The Substation's Moving Images programme, with support from Singapore Film Commission.

The two-day screening will feature 21 award winning animation works from ComGraph 2000 – 2002. Bringing together different styles and techniques of animators and agencies from Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, the screening is a showcase of the best digital animation in the form of television commercials, short films, short animation and web animation.

Included are creative works such as iBeach by Click Grafix, which illustrates a flexible display solution for Macintosh computers; Schnorky the Wave Puncher by Unreal Pictures and Circa Entertainment; and Crossing by The One Academy, which tells a story of day in the life of a lizard.

Other Highlights:

-Real-time Web Short Animation, Advertisement
-Producer: Grace Ng

Exploration of the psyche of a heartbroken, teenage girl tugs at the heartstrings. As a young girl, Tina, looked forward to love with hope and
anticipation. When it came, she gave everything she could to turn it into a modern-day fairy tale. But her boyfriend left suddenly, leaving only a
letter. Sitting alone in a cafe, her confusion is revealed as she recalls the times with her boyfriend - good and bad. The climax is reached when she finally opens the letter.

-Short Animation, Advertisement
-Director: Yang Tien

The story takes place in the cold arctic regions of earth. An oil tanker meets with a disaster, crashing into an iceberg and spilling oil into the
freezing waters. Our team rushes to the scene only to find that they are too late. It is here that they come to meet the newest member of their crew - Seal. Together with Seal, the crew decides to put an end to this environmental chaos. Things take a turn for the better when they stumble onto Snow City.

Admission to the Best of ComGraph Animation Screening is free (on a first-come-first-served basis) and is open to all. Digital animation enthusiasts from schools, advertising agencies and production houses are encouraged to attend the event.

Content Contributor: Rubix Cube Communications

NEW WEB SITES   is a cyber platform, set up by the Ministry of Law, to keep Singaopore's overseas lawyers informed of developments in the local legal scene, gather feedback on legal reform and developments in other countries and to assist the local legal fraternity to network with those working overseas.  is a new one-stop portal set up by the Ministry of Law. It provides answers to frequently asked questions on legal matters by the man on the street such as whether you need to engage a lawyer to draft your will, can you still pay your traffic fine without going to court after the offer for composition has expired, or how to apply for custody of your children.  is the Web site of a new online monitoring system launched by the Supreme Court on 28 Nov 2002. It allows subscribers to be automatically alerted via e-mail whenever there is any legal action involving a specified list of companies. The information is drawn directly from the databases of the Supreme Court.

Click New Web sites for the rest of the list.

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Education: Performance by ethnic group 1992 - 2001

Extension of 2001 Off-Budget Measures - Property Tax Rebate and Petrol Excise Duty Reduction

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Ministry of Law launches Law Town and LawConnect Web sites

Hari Raya Puasa Open Day at Singapore Art Museum

Salsa New Year's Eve Party at CHIJMES

Singapore's first D-I-Y library opens in Sengkang

2002 PSLE Results

CoolConnect portal to shut down on 31 Dec 2002

Education Minister speaks on the new JC Curriculum

Clubpets - newest pet magazine launched

AIDS/HIV in Singapore - excerpt of speech: Dr Balai Sadasivan

United launches online award booking feature for Int'l Mileage Plus members

Eye č City - A Visual Account of the Last 24 Hours of 2002

Songs 2002 Finals

Prelim. employment, unemployment & retrenchment est. for 3rd qtr 2002

Singapore's current population trends 1971-2001

Book Review: Heart Work

Ah Boy & Ah Girl Groups - seeking ex-schoolmates

The Teacher's Dilemma

Has the National Library got to go?


BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.

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