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Book Review: Chinese Triads - Perspectives on Histories, Identities and Spheres of Influence

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  CHINESE TRIADS - Perspectives on Histories, Identities and Spheres of Influence will appeal to research students intent on discovering material on the illusive Chinese triads, also known as Tiandihui or Heaven And Earth Society.

    The 126-page book is a collection of write-ups by historians, social scientists, law enforcers, and an ex-secret society leader. The write-ups were presented during the conference of the same name held at Singapore History Museum from 29-30 January 1999.

  Papers presented in the book trace the origin of the Tiandihui to southern China in the 17th century. Triad organisations, based on fictive kinship which bound its members by a blood oath to a brotherhood, was born out of a need for mutual aid and self-protection for those displaced from secure means of livelihood.

  It was the concept of mutual aid that found favour with Chinese emigrants to Malacca, Java and other parts of the Malay and Indonesian archipelago in the 18th Century. These emigrants found it advantageous to bind themselves together "as a means of self-protection" in a foreign land.

  By the 19th Century, secret societies within Malaya had evolved into a system of political leadership of the Chinese communities that was recognised by the Chinese, Malays and the British alike. Secret societies came to Singapore in the 1820s.

  We learn that in the Singaporean context, triads are secret societies which observe and practise triad rituals, such as the triad initiation ceremony. All other underground organisations are simply known as secret societies.

  An up-close-and-personal account by an ex-leader of a notorious gang in Singapore provides an intimate perspective on the activities of the local secret societies.

  Read the book for the different perspectives on Chinese Triads by the following contributors: Mark Craig, GOH Lam Kiong, MAL Lau Fong, Cherly- Ann LOW, Dian Murray, David Ownby, Barend ter Haar and the anonymous writer of the personal account.

A Book Review by Raymond HAN.

ISBN 981 04 5351 5 ©2002 Singapore History Museum


All business and residential telephone numbers in Singapore now have a new prefix "6". Our new telephone numbers are 62824221 and 62814785 (fax).

NEW WEBSITES is the revamped Subordinate Courts website. It has online maps, complete with moving footsteps, to show the location of every courtroom in the courts. There are also step-by-step guides on, for example, how to apply for a divorce or resolve a civil dispute. Lawyers can also check the lists of scheduled hearings in every court, as the information has been put online. is the website of the Association of Singapore Actors - the first and only association for actors here. Its main objective is developing and maintaining professional standards and upholding the integrity of the actors in the community.  is the website of the new "Remaking Singapore" Committee which aims to reach out to a wide cross- section of Singaporeans to understand their aspirations and goals; and to explore new ideas, directions and plans to re-make Singapore.

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12 March 2002

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