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Book Review: Heart Work

Heart Work is the result of the hard work of a group of 28 contributors, led by CHAN Chin Bock, to the book. It's the story of the Economic Development Board (EDB), and of Singapore through the eyes of former EDB officers, some of whom have made it to Cabinet rank. 

Heart Work, which rhymes with hard work, is also about the relentless hard work which went into the building of Singapore into what it is today. 

It is about using some of Singapore's best minds to carve a future for its inhabitants out of a small block of land with no natural resources to boast of. 

Learn about the EDB's first expeditions to other countries to attract foreign investors to put their money into Singapore in the 1960s. Compare the relative ease with which the EDB secured new investments in the 1980s and beyond.

Find out some former EDB officers' first impressions of the EDB. For example, Cabinet Minister YEO Cheow Tong, a mechanical engineer by training, wrote of his first days at the EDB in 1972: "As EDB is Singapore's chief economic development agency, I had expected to be working amongst a battery of economists. Instead, I found only one economist in EDB while the rest were all engineers by training. Mechanical engineers dominated the organisation." 

Learn how a sense of humour helped these officers enjoy their work in the trying years of the 1960s and 1970s. NGIAM Tong Dow writes, "Being the first and only officer in the IPD, I was made the "Red Indian chief" without "Red Indians". As the Chief, my job was to solicit and organise factory openings, as many as we could in a week. So on one morning in a week Dr GOH (Keng Swee) would set out and officiate the openings of a hair cream, peanut butter or joss paper manufacturing plant located cheek by jowl next to each other in our standard factories in Tanglin Halt. In those early days, the Minister was just glad to have a factory, any factory, open. It did not matter whether it was low-tech, high-tech, or any tech at all. In our low dark days, the supreme objective was to generate confidence in Singapore. We were fighting for our economic life."

Yes! Indeed, it takes the penning of a seemingly hilarious situation to bring forth a poignant example of the struggles behind the making of modern-day Singapore, whose success most of us citizens now take for granted. 

And, marvel at how young EDB officers jumped on top of situations. For example, David LIM, now a Minister, recalls an experience in 1989, "The first question Hiner (President of GE Plastics) put to me cut straight to the chase. 'Young man,' he said, putting me in my place immediately, 'do you have any authority to negotiate?' There was a certain dryness to the question that sent a winter chill down my spine that balmy spring morning....Our eyes locked for what seemed an eternity. 'Yes, I do.' I heard myself say. There was no other road to take...That morning we were going to do a deal."  

If we read this collection of memoirs to draw inspiration with which to drive us forward in whatever we do, we find the book to be a good read. 

But, if we manage to read between the lines, we glean that some of Singapore's new generation leaders, such as David LIM, LIM Swee Say, and YEO Cheow Tong, did not spring out of nowhere. They are "battle-tested".

And so we come away from the book safe in the knowledge that the future of Singapore is in good hands. That elections apart, the Government has chosen tested men with the "gung-ho" can-do spirit to take Singapore forward. 

A Book Review by Raymond HAN

ISBN 981 04 6906 3 Published by Singapore Economic Development Board and EDB society in 2002.

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Contributors to HEART WORK

CHAN Chin Bock

ANG Kong Hua

CHAN Wing Leong

CHUA Soo Tian

S. Dhanabalan

FOO Meng Tong

Natasha FOONG

Daisy GOH

GONG Wee Lik

HOW Peck Huat


Christine KHOR

KOH Teng Bin

LEE Suan Hiang

LIM Chin Tong

LIM Swee Say

David LIM Tik En

LIN Cheng Ton

NGIAM Tong Dow

ONG Choon Hwa

TAN Chek Ming

TAN Chin Nam

TAN Sek Toh

TAN Suan Swee


TEO Ming Kian

WONG Meng Quang

YEO Cheow Tong

Philip YEO

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NEW WEBSITES  If you are a SingNet customer, you can order prints of your digital shots in three easy steps online at this Web site - jointly run by SingNet & HP - and get your prints mailed to you in special reinforced packaging within three days. Best of all, pay for it at the end of the month through your SingNet account so there's no hassle of worrying about using credit cards online to pay for your purchase.  is the Web site of a non-profit society called Action For Singapore Dogs that has been established since Dec 2000. The society helps stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore find homes. Their mission is to improve the lives of these animals, through re-homing, education and sterilization.

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