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 Monday with the Editor: Protect yourself from AIDS

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Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crab

  Worldwide, 16,000 new HIV/AIDS cases are reported every day. To date, there are already 16.3 million deaths related to AIDS.

  In Singapore, one-third of those infected have died. And the number of cases continue to rise each year. Despite all the research done so far, there is still no cure for AIDS.

  AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, a fatal disease caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). The HIV attacks the immune system, gradually destroying the body's natural defences against diseases.

  In the early stages, the HIV-infected person may look and feel well or may suffer from only flu-like symptoms. As the immune system is gradually weakened (sometimes over a period of up to 10 years), the infected person eventually develops AIDS. AIDS is the late stage of this disease where the infected person suffers from life-threatening diseases and cancers from which he eventually dies.


  HIV is transferred from an infected person's body fluids into another person's blood-stream. This happens easily during sex where there is an exchange of body fluids. In Singapore, most of those with HIV got it through heterosexual sex (sex with the opposite sex)  More...

NEW WEBSITES  Statistics and analysis on horse races conducted in Singapore and Malaysia. Providing multi-layer relational analysis of horses, trainers, jockeys, owners, etc based on many years of past races.  The Club offers members a wealth of interesting activities for the entire family.  The Club is a brilliantly designed concept tailored to offer adventure seeking outdoor enthusiasts a wealth of activities. is one of the largest online car classifieds. specialises in Hi-Jean disposable personal care products: panties, briefs, maternity panties, working overalls, rain jackets and latest addition to our range - Traveller's money & passport pouch. Free worldwide delivery. is the website of the Singapore Wing Chun Kuen. Provides information and instructions on Wing Chun Ving Tsun system. Simple yet practical. is the website of the Graaskov family in Singapore. is the website of local dance studio A & J Creative Danceworld run by Latin American & social dance specialist coach Allan TAN and his wife Jessie. is the website of High Q Education Center where you can enrol for classes to prepare you for your SAT I Test. A website created by a young adult in Singapore talking about life and all about him. Give it a click and take a look. Hotels - Casino - Resorts - Investments. is the open-source travel portal. Interactive guides to hundreds of destinations, including Singapore. Singapore Lawyers - William Lai & Alan Wong. The firm is privileged to serve you and prestigious Banking & Financial institutions both local and foreign.

Click New Websites for the rest of the list.

BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.


The Singaporean website community Set up your company's website here. More...

We are now 2,545 pages thick and growing.

Public Holidays NATIONAL DAY is the next public holiday. It falls on Thursday 9 August 2001.

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Government Notices

New Schools Registered:

*The Learning Ladder Kindergarten (Bukit Panjang)  24 Woodlands Road Singapore 677918 Supervisor: Ms Oh Chiew Luan.

*Dayspring Kindergarten  31 Ponggol Twenty-fourth Avenue Singapore 829497  Supervisor: Mdm Lily Lim Tai Liang.


National Service

Registration for national service for all male Singaporeans and permanent residents born between 13 Jun 1983 and 18 Dec 1983 starts on 12 Feb 2001 & ends on 25 May 2001. Click for details.

Singapore Government Website   Police Ministry Of Education  Consular Matters & Migrating (known as permanent residency)

Setting up a business? Do a free Name Search first to see whether the name you want is available. Click RCB.

The Singapore Economy

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4th National Wushu Display 2001

Sunday 8 Jul 2001  7pm  Singapore Indoor Stadium

World-class Wushu display by masters from China, Vietnam, Japan, UK, USA and Singapore.

Catch Zhao Xue Feng & Liu Zhi Chao from China, Malay martial arts and local champion lion & dragon dance performances.

For more information, call the Sports For Life hotline: (65) 1800 3484222.

Jointly organised by Singapore Sports Council, People's Association and Singapore National Wushu Federation.

Vietnamese Paintings

Truong Dinh Hao (1937), Do Xuan Doan (1937), Tran Luan Tin (1951), Le Tan Loc (1965), Nguyen Van Hai (1968), Hoang Thanh Vinh Phong (1971), Duong Ngoc Son (1973)

Admission is free. Gallery hours: From 11am - 8pm every day except Sundays and public holidays.

9 - 22 Jun 2001     Societe Generale Gallery, Alliance Francaise, 4th floor, 1 Sarkies Rd Singapore 258130

Contact: Natacha Blondeau Tel: (65) 833 9314 (from 2pm - 6pm) Fax: (65) 733 3023 E-mail:

 See Entertainment for more information on local happenings!

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