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Estimated population of Singapore citizens and permanent residents - 3,163,500 as at June 1998.

Chinese            77%

Malays             14%

Indians            7.6%

Other ethnic groups 1.4%

Working Language: English

Other official languages: Mandarin, Malay & Tamil.

Planners expect the population of Singapore to reach 5.5 million by 2040 or 2050, taking into account an expected increase in the number of foreigners working here. From just 3 million in 1990, the number has swelled to 3.9 million today, including 700 000 foreigners.

A high-level working committee is now looking at ways to encourage more couples to have babies. Demographer Saw Swee Hock says that if the fertility rate continues to stay below two, the population here, minus the foreigners, will peak at about 3.3 million in 2025 and then begin to drop.


Singapore's water is clean and safe to drink from the tap. There is no need to boil it.


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     Monday with the Editor: Food for thought


Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crabs

Take a stroll with our photographer down to Somerset Road & Orchard Boulevard. Just follow the Stamford Road route.

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Hallo everyone

  It's Monday again and time to reflect on the happenings in our lives over the past week. Have you noticed that half a year has passed us by? Have you pondered whether you have achieved what you set your mind to achieving at the start of 2000? Yes, I am talking about your new year resolutions for 2000.

  I used to plot my goals for three periods - the year ahead, two years ahead, & the next five years. Then, I would track meticulously my progress in realising the goals. The beginning of 2000 came and passed, and I haven't any goal in sight. The two-year & five-year plans I set myself last year have been conveniently left in the 39th drawer of my mind. Are you also equally guilty of such behaviour?

  I have tried searching for reasons for my nonchalance towards my future nowadays. But, I have yet to come up with a convincing reason. I just can't convince my alter ego that I have indeed decelerated into a lackadaisical mode. I finally found what I thought was a passable excuse - I was getting old. You know, even old machines become cranky and need tweaking.

  Then, I read The Straits Times yesterday. A 14-year-old schoolboy was found dead in a macabre manner in a Housing Board flat on Friday. His hands and feet were tied with red raffia and his mouth covered with black cloth. What a way to go! I was shocked and thoroughly shaken. This young chap had his life sucked out of him in the prime of his life. The police are still looking into the circumstances surrounding his death so I shan't comment more on it yet. Just why have I chosen to bring this up? - It's just that here I am, a wee bit past forty and very much alive and kicking. That young lad didn't even get a chance to grow up.

  Life can be unpredictable. You can't be too careful. I mean, you can be careful but if your time is up - you just have got to go. I consider myself to be very lucky indeed. I have been fortunate to have the privilege to enjoy life on this good earth for the past forty years. I look forward to plenty of good years ahead. Goals are not necessarily the be all and the end all. Certainly, goals speed up our quality of life, but let's face it - life is beautiful taken neat, without any garnishing. 

  It's already a miracle that we are around on this earth. Set your goals by all means, but if you should forget about them soon after, don't despair. For all you know, it may be a blessing in disguise, for goals add stress to our lives and not many people can take stress. Why shorten your life in exchange for a perceived better quality of life? Instead of setting goals to help you move ahead, why not do more good while you are alive. Surely this won't add stress to your life. On the contrary, you just might make more people happy. Think about what I have said today.


Singapore's first underground mall, CityLink Mall, between City Hall MRT and Suntec City, opened on Saturday 1 Jul 2000!

We received our 200,000th hit on 26 Jun 2000!

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NEW WEBSITES is a financial portal launched in late June 2000. It provides immediate mobile phone notification of news and stock prices. is a new online bookstore launched on 17 Jun 2000. It offers about 500,000 titles at discounted prices., founded by a group of bankers and launched on 14 Jun 2000, lets banks and other financial institutions buy and sell multi-million-dollar market loans online. It charges a fee to buyers and sellers for successful deals. sells ice cream at their website. Popular flavours are Shhhiok! & Coffeebreak. Also available at leading supermarkets, convenience shops and petrol marts. is the website to visit to get your joss-sticks, incense paper and Hungry Ghost Festival food and beverages. where you can buy and sell your property. lets you find out all about exhibitions, conventions and meetings happening in Singapore. You can also get free brochures on meetings, incentive travel, conventions an the exhibition industry. or the print version, a morning tabloid, Project Eyeball, is a new newspaper set to hit the streets and the cyber-highways in the middle of the year. Coming to you from Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). is coming to you soon! This shop already has nine branches selling everything at S$1.99 each. Items range from crockery, utensils, confectionery,  household accessories, artificial flowers to Hello Kitty stationery. is a legal website coming online in August 2000. It will provide a one-stop centre for people to find lawyers.

BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.


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Public Holidays NATIONAL DAY is the next public holiday. It falls on Wednesday 9 August 2000.

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Cathay Cinema screened its last movie show on 30 Jun 2000. The 61-year-old building is expected to be demolished to make way for a new building.


National Service for all males who are Singapore citizens or permanent residents and born between 13 Dec 1982 & 12 Mar 1983.

The total number of COEs for tender in July 2000 will not exceed 9168.

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     OG Albert Complex opened for business on Friday 29 Jun 2000. It replaces OG People's Park which opened its doors for the last time on Thursday 28 Jun 2000. The 28-year-old OG Building at People's Park will be demolished and a brand new 7th storey OG Building, double the size of the existing building, will be completed in the middle of 2002.

EscapeArtist.Com  The website on overseas living for international job seekers and expatriates.  

ExpatSingapore  For expatriates planning to relocate to Singapore. Provides excellent information on Singapore.  

ContactSingapore  Step-by-step guide to applying for a job, flying into Singapore, getting an employment pass, and applying for visas for your spouse and children. 

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Harvard Din & Tonics 2000 a cappella with a twist at Chijmes Hall, 8pm on 17, 18, & 19 Jul 2000. Presented by Caldwell Arts Entertainment. Tickets at S$25 (adults), S$20 (students). Hotline: (65) 332 6274/332 6285 or click CaldwellArts.

Vengaboys Live In Concert 2000  22 Jul 2000  7pm Siloso Beach, Sentosa

Singapore River Fiesta from 22 Jul - 9 Aug 2000. Venue: Singapore River.

A Vocal Recital by Ying Huang (world renowned soprano) Piano: J.J. Lenna      23 July 2000  8pm  Victoria Concert Hall

National Day Parade at the Padang on 9 Aug 2000.

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Monday 3 July 2000

Stanford University plans to set up a centre in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) to train the next generation of Asia's environmental engineering leaders here, said Professor James O. Leckie, head of Stanford's environmental engineering laboratory.

Singapore is poised to raise its international profile by taking a seat next year on the UN Security Council, the most powerful body of the United nations. Diplomats say the Singapore Government is running unopposed to represent the so-called Asian group for a two-year term beginning in January next year.


Kuala Lumpur: 15 men dressed in army uniforms, including one who passed himself off as an army Lieutenant-Colonel, walked into a camp in Perak and cleared out the armoury in a daring incursion which Malaysian Defence Minister Najib Razak called a Hollywood-style stunt. Sources say  the weapons taken in the 4.15am robbery included up to 80 M-16 and two Steyr assault rifles, five grenade launchers, four general-purpose machine guns and six light machine guns.

Jakarta: Ten people, who were among the 500 packed onto a ferry that capsized off the Maluku islands, were found floating close to an island north of Manado, in Sulawesi, early yesterday morning. 

Around the world

London: British soldiers who were thrown into Changi Prison after the fall of Singapore in February 1942 are to get compensation from the British Government - 55 years after Victory over Japan (VJ) Day. A senior government source told The Straits Times: "The compensation package has not been finalised but it could average GBP10,000 (S$26450) to each PoW who suffered at the hands of the Japanese. There are 7,000 PoWs claiming compensation. Details of the compensation scheme are being finalised and could take a couple of months.

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30ml Gin

15ml Cherry Brandy

120ml Pineapple Juice

15ml Lime Juice

7.5ml Cointreau

7.5ml Dom Benedictine

10ml Grenadine

A dash of Angostura Bitters

Garnish with a slice of pineapple & cherry

The Singapore Sling was created by Raffles Hotel bartender Mr Ngiam Tong Boon.


Consumer prices fell by 0.4% in Jun 2000, as lower costs of transport, communications and clothing more than offset rises in housing, health and education and stationery.

The consumer price index (CPI) for March 2000 dipped by 0.3% compared to February 2000. Food prices fell by 1.6% due mainly to cheaper seafood, vegetables and fresh pork. The cost of transport and communications fell by 0.2% due to falling car prices.

The CPI is used as an inflation gauge by measuring the change in the prices of a fixed basket of goods purchased commonly by most households.

The Government has forecast that inflation will be within 2% this year.