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Lu Xun and the Modern Chinese People                                   10 Feb 2001

Prof. Liu Zai Fu

That Lu Xun was the greatest Chinese writer of the 20th Century is beyond doubt.  In all aurveys made on the eve of the millennium, he was voted the top Chinese writer of the century by both laymen and experts. There is also consensus that Lu Xun was one of modern China’s most profound thinker.  His relentless criticism of the pathetic mentality and behaviour of his own people have become part of the modern Chinese psyche, as his characters, such as Ah Q, have long entered the common usage of  the modern Chinese language. Prof. Liu, a leading scholar on Lu Xun studies, will attempt an in-depth analysis on why and how Lu Xun has exerted such an indelible influence on the Chinese people.

The Spiritual Colours of the Chinese Artistic Models as shown in the works by Four Masters in Poetry, Painting, Calligraphy & Seal-Carving

17 Feb 2001

Tan Swie Hian

To cover the full spectrum of classical Chinese Art in one introductory level risks superficial generality.  Mr Tan, with his immensely diverse practice and penetrating understanding of the subject, has elected to discuss the concept of artistic creation and the originality of the masterpieces of Four Masters – Wang Wei, Guo Xi, He Shaoji, Li Shutong – in the fields of poetry, calligraphy, painting and seal-carving thereby realizing the spiritual colours of the Chinese artistic models.

Chinese Traditional Theatre                                                    24 Feb 2001

Prof. Ye Chang Hai

The Chinese Traditional Theatre, which has more than 300 living varieties today, is a holistic theatre form integrating poetry, music, dance and acrobatics –with the performer’s art always sitting in a centrally dominating position.  Drawing from his  vast research and teaching resources, Prof. Ye will give an animated account of how the Chinese have evolved this unique system of expressionistic conventions over a long history development.  Prof. Ye will dwell extensively on the aesthetic characteristics of xiqu, and in particular the Kun Opera and Beijing Opera.

Contemporary Drama of China                                                  3 Mar 2001

Lin Ke Huan

The development of the contemporary drama of China (called huaju - spoken drama – to distinguish itself from the sung theatre) since its founding around 1900, has undergone two climaxes.  From the late 1920’s to the early 1930’s and from the late 1970’s to the early 1980’s. The first climax evolved in step with the development of the modernist drama in the West, although it was somewhat confined to the introduction of translated works and imitations.  The second climax was, however, an inevitable and direct outcome of China’s reform and opening-up to the outside world after the Cultural Revolutions; as such, the substance of this recent climax has been more abundant and more complex.  Mr. Lin’s long career as a leading critic promises a insightful and richly layered lecture.

Venue             Creative Resource Auditorium

                        31 International Business Park

Creative Resource

                        Singapore 609921

Time                2.30 pm sharp

Price                $25.75 (incl. of GST), $15.45 (students concession)

Shuttle Bus    A shuttle bus will leave Jurong East MRT (opposite Popular Bookstore) every 15 minutes at 1.45pm, 2pm, 2.15pm, 2.25pm and will depart Creative to Jurong East MRT at 5.15pm and 5.30pm.

Refreshments provided.

For enquiries, please call Yvonne or Siew Fang at 5614809.


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