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Monday with the Editor: Make Your Vote Count!

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Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crab

  Hi again

  The 'N' Level examinations ended last Friday. So have the End-of-Year examinations for most primary and secondary schools here. Already schoolchildren are taking a rest from school as many schools are having what is known locally as Marking Days during which students get to stay at home whilst their teachers do the marking of the examination answer sheets at school. Primary school students get about four days of rest while those in secondary schools take a one-day break.

  The elections are also around the corner. Some had accurately predicted the Polling Day as 3rd Nov 2001. I want to let you in on their somewhat strange method of arriving at the date. You see, recently the Government introduced the 2nd Off-Budget aid Package to help Singaporeans tide over the economic crisis. The amount of the aid is S$11.3 billion. These chaps used the 11.3 to arrive at the 11.3.2001 (3rd Nov 2001) date for the election. And as it turned out, they were correct indeed in their assumption. Ha Ha Ha - isn't that a strange coincidence, or is it not?

  Nov 3 will be the first time I get to vote in the past 10 years. I will be exercising my right to partake in the process of electing a Member of Parliament for the Nee Soon East constituency which has been taken out of the Sembawang GRC to become a single ward in this General Election. After 10 years of walkovers, the incumbent, Associate Professor HO Peng Kee is expected to have a face-off with an opposition candidate for the parliamentary seat. He is sincere, approachable and self-driven. I believe he will continue to get the support of the voters in the constituency.

  Since I attained the age of 21, I have always voted for the People's Action Party, and I guess I will continue to do so for many more years to come. Why is that so? It is in my upbringing. I belong to that generation of baby boomers (born between 1947 and 1964) who have been influenced by their parents - pragmatic people who have seen the worst of poverty, war and unrest - into returning to power a party that has eradicated corruption, enabled the ordinary Singaporean to own his own home, introduced the CPF scheme to secure the future of its people, and last but not least, made Singapore a safe place - probably the safest place in South-East Asia - to live in. 

  I certainly can't decide for you whom you should vote for. It's up to you to decide the future of this Singapore. Remember, whichever way you or I vote will determine the kind of Singapore that our children will get to grow up in. Make your vote count.
General Election 2001   Nomination Date: 25 Oct 2001 Polling Date: 3 Nov 2001

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NEW WEBSITES The complete global resource for real estate offering property and apartment listings, property news and a comprehensive website directory. Fibro Group Of Companies - They are the leading manufacturers of Textile Paper Tubes in India. They manufacture DTY, CORE, POY tubes of super high quality. They export to Singapore too. They are an event management and training consultancy delivering knowledge-based products to senior level audiences in the region. backpacking and adventure travelogues by Singapore writer.  A  body-art (specifically tattoo) site in Singapore. Great tattoo at reasonable prices. With photos of tattoo done.  Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong restaurant guide for all people who like to eat out.  More than 24,000 titles from the National Library Board's (NLB) collection of e-books, e-magazines, CD-Roms and videos are now available online at this website launched on 7 Sep 2001. It will offer the content direct to home and office computers with an Internet connection. Membership in the eLibraryHub is free. is the open-source travel portal. Interactive guides to hundreds of destinations, including Singapore. Singapore Lawyers - William Lai & Alan Wong. The firm is privileged to serve you and prestigious Banking & Financial institutions both local and foreign.

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22 October 2001

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Monday's News


The People's Action Party (PAP) decided to retire a large number of MPs to make way for new ones to ensure that Singapore is well prepared for the future, Prime Minister GOH Chok Tong said yesterday. This was a difficult task, he said, "It was painful to have to retire so many MPs. Quite a number of them deserve another term. But I have to explain to them that I am not just fighting this election. I am also thinking of the 2007 election." (1)

Singapore Tourism Board (STB) would be promoting the year-end event Celebration Singapore, a 15-week festivity which starts with the Deepavali Light-up in Little India this Saturday and ends with the Singapore River Hong Bao during the Chinese New Year in February next year. For the first time, the board is publishing a 24-page booklet on the events, and these publications will be sent overseas. While total tourist arrivals is expected to fall by between 3 and 4 per cent this year, STB's chief executive YEO Khee Leng said the number of tourists from Australia and China is still growing. Visitors from Australia grew by 12.9 per cent between January and August over the same period last year to reach 366,410 and those from China during the same period went up by 11.4 per cent to 331,209. (4)

During August and September this year, the Education Ministry (MOE) received 2,680 applications for teaching positions - about three times more than the same period last year. A ministry spokesman said that there were 9,000 applications in the last recruitment cycle - Aug 1 last year to July 31 this year - and 2,450 teachers were hired. For the coming cycle, the ministry, which hopes to take in more than 3,000 teachers, expects the number to double. MOE noted that the current economic situation has increased the relative attractiveness of teaching compared to other professions. (6)

Some retrenched middle-aged managers are turning to psychiatrists because they cannot cope with the blow to their self-esteem caused by losing their jobs. The number of people treated at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) has jumped from 38, which was the figure from October last year to April this year, to over 66 in the past six months. The men are more badly affected by job loss than women. The number of male patients has risen three-fold, from less than 10 last year to 30 this year. Of these, 17 are from the 30- to 49-year-old age group - men in the prime of their working lives. (H7)



Sydney: Shoppers across Australia could soon be paying for purchases using their fingerprints instead of credit cards. Several leading retailers were yesterday reported to be in talks with an American company pioneering technology that would enable customers to pay by simply pressing their fingertip against a sensor and then entering a password. Britain's largest supermarket chain, Tesco's, is to begin trials of the scanner within a year. If the trials were successful, the so-called biometric system could be introduced in Australian stores, the Sun-Herald newspaper reported yesterday. (16)  


Around the world

London: The British government plans to ban happy hours in pubs and clubs in central London to curb alcohol-related crime and violence. The results will be closely monitored and if drunken behaviour and crime is significantly reduced, happy hours will be outlawed in other parts of Britain. Statistics show that just after happy hours end, more than one in six emergency calls to police involve a drink-related incident. A quarter of all those arrested within two hours of happy hours ending are drunk. (6)



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