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Book Review: The Gift Of Age

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The Gift Of Age

Invited Contributions

Susan CHAN Yoke Kate, Faridah Ali Chang, CHUA Chong Jin, Jennie CHUA, Mike Ellery, Raymon & Jessie HUANG, KOH Chieng Mun, David Kraal, LEE Chong Kau, LEE Kip Lee, LEE Liang Hye, Joseph McNally, Ramasami Natarajan, Rita & Ron Pereira, Rahmat M. Nor, Ridzwan Dzafir & Mushalwah, Kirpal Singh, Kanwaljit Soin, TAN Chee Koon, Denis TAY, Lucy TAY, WU Dar Ching, YEOH Seang Aun and Zainab Rahim.






Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crab

  The Gift Of Age is a book written by already-old Singaporeans for Singaporeans who are growing old, as well as for the younger generation. It dishes out timely advice on how to age gracefully. Twenty-eight local celebrities, whose names appear to the left of this article, share their experiences in growing old. 

  Reading each story is akin to taking a dose of vitamin supplements. It perks up your senses and rejuvenates your desire to live a fuller life straightaway - you do not need to grow old in order to act on the generous advice given in the book. If you are in doubt, read this:

  "You begin to notice that girls stop turning to look at you over their shoulder with a wicked look in their eye. Then, you realise that even if they did, you're too old to do anything about it." (Mike Ellery)

  "Your circle of friends and acquaintances grows smaller and smaller as you outlast them. That can be boring" (Mike Ellery)

  "Suddenly you are seeing more of your family. If you don't make yourself a nuisance, they probably welcome having you around. Besides, you'll make a good babysitter!" (Mike Ellery)

  "Hand in hand, the little girl and the old man walked...the little girl took him to the playground and made him sit on a bench. She went and grabbed a swing. As she swung herself so high in that blue sky, the old man swung himself too. He was like her. He was seven. And as they swung their different swings, a little smile played on the old man's lips." (Kirpal Singh) 

  "To all you young ones who have no time for the old, I say, 'Don't pity us, the grandfathers and grandmothers of this world. In fact, I pity you - because you have to wait so long to taste the fullness and the extreme happiness that comes with being a grandparent.' (David Kraal)

  "I am driven by the knowledge that life is too short for idleness and that in my life as an educator, I didn't have enough time to do my own artwork. Now I have no other responsibility and so I happily try to fit a lifetime into whatever years are still ahead." (Joseph McNally)

  In publishing The Gift Of Age, the Retired & Senior Volunteer Programme (Singapore) seeks to challenge the view that older people are a liability in the community. In reviewing this book, I was obliged to lift a few sentences here and there and quote them here, for these sentences describe The Gift Of Age more eloquently than any reviewer can describe this gift of age, and of being able to age gracefully.

The Gift Of Age ISBN 981 232 213 2 Published by RSVP Singapore in 2001

A Book Review by Raymond HAN

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15 November 2001

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