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     SPH's free Chinese newspaper hits the streets


Singapore Press Holdings’ Chinese freesheet - my paper «我报» - hits the streets


Leading media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) launches Singapore’s first Chinese freesheet - MY PAPER «我报» - tomorrow (1 Jun 2006). Readers can finally lay their hands on this compact-sized newspaper which promises to embrace readers’ participation in shaping the publication.

MY PAPER is designed for bilingual, young adults aged 20-40, who have been exposed to Western and Chinese cultures. These readers have views and want their voices to be heard. At the same time, MY PAPER allows readers to keep in touch with the Chinese language in an enjoyable and accessible manner.

As part of the publication’s commitment to encourage interactivity, readers are invited to correspond with the editorial team via the newspaper’s website at In this website, readers can also access the blogs of MY PAPER’s editorial team, which is made up of a group of vibrant and dynamic journalists with an average age of 30 years.

The results of MY PAPER’s masthead voting contest will also be revealed tomorrow when the winning design makes its debut on the cover of the launch issue. Prior to the launch, readers and advertisers were invited to vote for their favourite masthead from three specially-created designs. Readers’ votes constituted 80% of the final outcome while advertisers’ votes made up the remaining 20%. Over 36,000 votes were received.

The masthead voting contest is but one of the many examples of MY PAPER’s editorial philosophy of promoting reader empowerment and participation. Readers are also invited to contribute articles, join reporters in conducting interviews, share their opinions and vote for their favourite stories every week. For instance, the launch issue will feature a two-page news article that was crafted by readers who interviewed the editors themselves.

In conjunction with its debut, roadshows are being conducted at Raffles Place Park and Caltex House from Tuesday, May 30 2006 to June 2 2006. During the first two days, the PMEB (professionals, managers, executives, businessmen) crowd at Raffles Place participated in games and contests surrounding the theme “?”. Readers can look forward to more exciting games and performances, including a concert and a talkshow, tomorrow and on June 2 (Friday).

Programme of Roadshows on June 1 & 2:

1 June (Thursday) : LAUNCH DAY

8.00am-9.30am Distribution of MY PAPER
by roller bladers & stilt walkers
with SPH CEO, Mr Alan Chan

12.10pm Beatboxer Dharni
12.20pm Marilyn Lee, WKRZ91.3DJ
杜星 Eric, Du Xin
12.45pm Dance by Steezers
12.55pm Nathan Hartono
1.10pm Longest “我” Challenge Part 4
1.25pm 龚思嘉 Kaira Gong Shi Jia
1.40pm 蔡淳佳 Joi Chua

2 June (Friday)
12.15pm THE MOST
“我” game
12.30pm Sing –a- “我” contest
12.45pm THE LONGEST “我” FINAL challenge
1.00-2.00pm FM100.3 众议院-记者会 Live
Hosted by UFM100.3 DJ 文鸿 and guests

MY PAPER is published from Tuesdays to Saturdays, every week.

An initial circulation of 120,000 copies is distributed at:
1) MRT stations in the CBD and key stations linked with bus interchanges
2) Offices, institutions, airlines, country clubs
3) Selected readers households - HDB 5 rooms and above
4) Selected coffee joints on Saturdays

Readers can look forward to the electronic version of MY PAPER which will be launched shortly.

Issued by Singapore Press Holdings Limited

Source: Press Release 31 May 2006