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     September 2003

Robbery Victim Dies

On 31 Aug 2003 at about 3am, Police were informed that a man, with head injuries, was lying motionless at the void deck of Blk 664 Buffalo Road.

Police arrived within minutes and found, Ahmad Bin Yang Besar, a 74 year-old Malay man, lying on the floor near the mail box of the HDB flat. There were laceration wounds to the face. He was conveyed to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment.

At the scene of the incident, Police also arrested two persons, Raffi Bin Jelan aged 36 years and his wife, Badariah Binte Mastor aged 27 years in connection with the case. The couple were charged in Court on 1 Sep 03 for an offence of Armed Robbery with Hurt and currently remanded in police custody for further investigations.

On 13 Sep 03 at about 8pm, the victim, Ahmad Bin Yang Besar, passed away in hospital.

Police are awaiting the results of the post mortem to determine the cause of death.


14 Sep 2003 @ 1300 hrs



Murder Along Serangoon Road

On 11 Sept 2003 at about 3.30am, two injured men were found along Serangoon Road. They were both sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital, where one of them, an odd-job labourer in his mid-twenties, died at about 4.40am.

The men were found after Police responded to a call informing that a fight had broken out at Hindoo Road. The deceased was lying unconscious before a coffeeshop at the junction of Rowell Road and Serangoon Road, with a puncture wound in his chest. The other man, a coffeeshop assistant in his mid-forties, suffered face injuries and was found at the junction of Hindoo Road and Serangoon Road. No weapons were recovered at the scene.

The injured man is currently assisting Police in investigations. Anyone with information is requested to call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000.

11 Sept 2003 @ 4pm



Police Raid Illegal Gambling Den


On 3 September 2003 at about 5.15pm, Police raided an illegal gambling den along Still Road South and arrested 65 persons for illegal gambling.

Acting on information received, Head Gambling Suppression Branch ASP Chia Tang Heng, led a group of CID officers and raided the two-storey private house which was operating as an illegal gambling den, providing table for playing the game of "Tong Kow", a game played using mahjong tiles.

A total of 65 persons, including 41 Chinese women and 24 Chinese men aged between 27 and 60 years old, were arrested for illegal gambling. Of the 65 subjects arrested, 46 of them are PRCs (36 female and 10 male) while the rest are either Singaporeans or Permanent Residents. The Police also seized cash amounting to about $2800, mahjong tiles and other gambling paraphernalia from the scene.

All 65 persons will be charged on Friday, 5 September 2003. The 59-year-old male operator of the den will be charged under Sec 4(1)(c) of the Common Gaming Houses Act, Chapter 49 for "assisting in the management of a place kept or used as a common gaming house". If convicted, the accused person shall be liable to a fine of between $5000 and $50,000 and shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term up to 3 years.

64 persons will be charged under Sec 7 of the Common Gaming Houses Act, Chapter 49 for gaming in a common gaming house. If convicted, the accused person shall be liable to a fine up to $5000 or to imprisonment for a term up to 6 month or to both. Out of the 64 persons who will be charged for illegal gambling, 30 will also be charged for immigration offences.

The Police will like to remind the public that stern action will be taken against persons involved in illegal gambling activities.

4 SEP 03 @ 10AM



Two Loansharks Arrested At A Police Road Block Yesterday

Two men aged 24 and 27, believed to be involved in illegal moneylending activities by giving loans to more than 100 debtors, were arrested during an anti-crime roadblock operation at Kallang Bahru last night.

Officers from Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre, while performing anti-crime roadblock operations at Kallang Bahru last night, stopped and conducted a check on the car driven by a 27-year-old Chinese man. He was accompanied by a 24-year-old passenger. Police found items relating to illegal moneylending activities in the car boot. Based on information gleaned from skilful interviews, police believe that the two unemployed men were involved in illegal moneylending activities. The duo was subsequently placed under arrest.

A computer laptop, two diskettes, five pagers, two boxes of names cards, and some stationery were seized.

The two suspects are believed to be involved in at least 100 over counts of illegal moneylending and harassment activities islandwide. They will be produced in Subordinate Court 26 on 3rd Sep 2003.

Commander "A" Division, Superintendent Raymond Yeo warns that the Police would not tolerate such illegal activities and would continue to take stringent enforcement action against offenders.

2 Sep 2003 @ 4 PM



     August 2003


Murder At Serangoon North Ave 3

On 29 August 03 at about 8pm, two men in their twenties boarded a taxi along Serangoon North Ave 1 junction of Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 and went to Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital to seek medical treatment. Both of them were injured, one had leg injuries and the other a chest injury.

The man with leg injuries, passed away at Ang Mo Kio Community Hospital on 29 August 2003 at about 8.10pm. The other man was sent to Tan Tock Seng Hospital for treatment of the chest injury.

Preliminary investigations revealed that earlier there was a fight involving a few men at the pasar malam near Blk 553 Serangoon North Ave 3.

Investigations are on-going.

9 Aug 2003 @ 1159 PM



Public Entertainment Licence Required For Paid Bar Top Dancers

Bar top dancing has taken popularity in a number of entertainment outlets since the relaxation of rules by the police. We would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to aspects of bar top dancing following queries from the media.

Some entertainment outlets may be using the services of paid dancers to perform on bar-tops, sometimes together with patrons. Police would like to clarify that where there is the use of paid dancers by the operator to perform on bar-tops, this is considered a form of live entertainment in which a separate public entertainment licence is required.

Police would also like to remind entertainment outlet operators that licensing conditions do not allow for performers to mingle with patrons unless express permission has been sought from the Police Licensing Division. Police will only allow mingling if the performer has been endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board.

Police seeks the compliance by operators of the licensing conditions and will be conducting checks to ensure compliance. We will take summons action against those who are in breach of the conditions. Operators in need of clarification or further information should enquire with the Public Entertainment Licensing Unit (PELU) at 65575819 or 65575823


22 AUGUST 2003 @ 2.45pm



Man attacked police officer at Senja Road

Police received a call of man assaulting a woman at Blk 616 Senja Road at 9.20pm yesterday. Police arrived at the scene and saw a woman in her 20s, bleeding from her nose. Preliminary investigation revealed that she was earlier assaulted by a man in his late 40s.

Witnesses identified the assailant to the police at the scene. As the officer approached the assailant to enquire about the assault, the man suddenly grabbed the officer's neck and punched his face. He also snatched the officer's baton and struck him on his head. A member of public then handed an iron rod to the officer to defend himself. A scuffle ensued which resulted in the officer dropping the iron rod.

The assailant next continued to hit the officer with the baton and at this juncture the officer drew his service revolver and fired a shot at assailant's left thigh, injuring him. Both of them have been conveyed to hospital. The officer sustained injuries to his head. We are investigating the incident.

20 AUGUST 2003 @ 1.00AM


Man arrested at National University Engineering Faculty for Murder

A technician employed at the Engineering Faculty of the National University of Singapore was arrested for fatally slashing a member of its teaching staff and injuring another clerical staff.

A call to the police was received at about 9.45am alerting us of a slashing that took place in the faculty's conference room. Officers arrived within minutes and made their way to the 7th floor.

Initial investigations showed that the assailant had entered the conference room while a management meeting chaired by the Dean was in progress. The assailant, a Chinese man in his 40's was seen armed with a paper cutter and advanced to attack a member of teaching staff who is a Chinese in his 40's in the neck. He then left the conference room and remained outside in the general office area.

Staff within the conference room locked the door of the conference room as a precaution and rendered first aid to the victim. The police and the university security were also alerted. The female Chinese clerical staff in her 40's who was in the general office was also cut in the face by the assailant as she came into his path.

3 Patrol officers armed with shields entered the general office and advanced to the conference room. They calmed the assailant and managed to arrest him without resistance at about 10.15am. A paper cutter that he was holding was seized. The rest of the staff who were in the conference room and general office area were unharmed and escorted to safety.

Both victims were conveyed to the National University Hospital by ambulance for treatment. At about 10.40am, police were notified that the teaching staff had passed away. The clerical staff has been warded and she is in a stable condition.

Police are investigation the case as murder. The assailant will be charged in court on Friday.

13 AUGUST 2003 @ 3.00PM



Murder At Jurong Superbowl


On 10 Aug at about 3.50 am, Police were informed of a fight at SuperBowl Jurong located at Yung Ho Rd. Upon arrival, officers found a man lying face up and motionless at the driveway leading to the parking space beside the building. He had injuries to the head and was pronounced dead at the scene at about 4.10am. The deceased is a self employed 33-year-old Chinese man.

Investigations revealed that he had left the KTV located at the place together with his girlfriend and another two male friends when he was involved in a fight with some persons at the carpark.

Police have established the identities of some persons in their late teens and early twenties. Our officers have interviewed them and obtained some useful leads. Investigations are on going.

10 AUGUST 2003 @ 4.30PM

Source: Singapore Police Force

This section commenced on 15 Aug 2003



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