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       Members of the Town Council of Bukit Timah

Government Gazette Not. No. 3769 dated 29 Dec 2000

Pursuant to Section 9(10) of the Town Councils Act, it is hereby notified for general information that the following persons have been appointed members of Bukit Timah Town Council for a term of two years with effect from 1st January 2001:
    (1) Dr Ong Chit Chung, MP Chairman
    (2) Dr Tan Cheng Bock, MP Vice-Chairman
    (3) Mr R Ravindran, MP Vice-Chairman
    (4) Mr Lim Boon Heng, MP & Minister  Elected Member
    without Portfolio  
    (5) Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, MP Elected Member
    (6) Dr Wang Kai Yuen, MP Elected Member
    (7) Associate Professor Low Seow Chay, MP Elected Member
    (8) Mr Peter Tan Sim Cheng, JP, BBM Member
    (9) Mr Chua Lew Kee, BBM Member
  (10) Mr Lim Peng Heng, PBM Member
  (11) Mr Andrew Wong Cheng Kuan Member
  (12) Mr William Chung Tang Fong Member
  (13) Mr Suhadi Bin Sarmadi Member
  (14) Mr Thomas Kok Soh Ha, PBM Member
  (15) Mr Richard Tan Kah Hock Member
  (16) Mr Abraham Tang Chun Keong Member
  (17) Mr Goh Kah Hong Member
  (18) Mdm Doreen Lum Lai Heng Member
  (19) Mdm Irene Goh Tong Lin Member
  (20) Mr Bernard Chia Eng Kiang, BBM Member
  (21) Mr V Thirupathy, PBM Member
  (22) Mr Wee Kok Wah, PBM Member
  (23) Mr Seah Hwee Kia Member
  (24) Mr Lee Choon Huat, BBM Member
  (25) Mr Tan Wah Yeow  Member
  (26) Mr Ronald Perera Member
  (27) Mr Alan Tan Mee Heng Member
  (28) Mr Robert Kao Keng Nye, PBM Member
  (29) Mdm Edna Goh Khar Keow Member
  (30) Mr Lee Hui Teo, Henry Member
  (31) Mr Ong Kok Jiu Member
  (32) Mr Eric Yeo Kim Seng Member
  (33) Mr Johnny Chin Yoon Loy Member
  (34) Mr Derek Goh Bak Heng Member
  (35) Mr Ng Kok Ching Member
  (36) Mr P Rajoolingam Member
  (37) Mr Teo Tian Seng  Member
  (38) Mr Ong Soo Fock Member
  (39) Mr Phua Chwee Toh Member
  (40) Mr Koh Chwee, PBM Member
  (41) Mr Teh Cheng Kooi, Richard, PBM Member
  (42) Mr Chng Yong Par Member
  (43) Mr Lua Kim Seng, Wilson Member
  (44) Mr Ng Seng Chee Member
  (45) Mr Ow Yong Soon Khuan Member
  (46) Mr Tony Tang Chuy Tik, PBM Member
  (47) Mr Tan Tuck Hua, PBM Member
  (48) Mr Sebastian Tng Hai Pheng Member
It is also hereby notified for general information that the following persons have ceased to be members of Bukit Timah Town Council with effect from 1st January 2001:
    (1) Mr Ong Gee Hong  
    (2) Mdm Choo Sew Chin, Daisy  
    (3) Mr Seah Kee Chan  
    (4) Mr Hussain Bin M Ismail  
    (5) Mr Anizar Bin Md Anis  
    (6) Mr Soo Ah Yee, PBM  
    (7) Mr Yong Fun Sem  
    (8) Mr Ng Lay Bian, PBM  
    (9) Mr Toh Pang Hwee, Lawrence  
  (10) Mr Chua Bok Sui, PBM  
  (11) Mr Ang Keng Loo  
  (12) Mr Ang Chai Mung  
  (13) Mr James Png Boon Hock, PBM  
  (14) Mr Yap Poh Tim  
  (15) Mr Zaman Bin Kadir, PPA, PBM  




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