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Mystery of the Battle Box

Jing Yang, his classmate Angelina and his cousin Tim team up to solve a mystery about hidden treasure in an underground bunker which was built during World War Two.

A history dropout from a local university has been searching for the treasure for many years. The teenagers must find the treasure first – before he does. They stumble into a secret tunnel beneath the bunker with help from two spirits haunting the bunker since World War Two.

Just when they lay eyes on the gold bars hidden in the secret tunnel, who else but the history dropout should turn up behind them, startling them...

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Invisible Trade - High-class sex for sale in Singapore

"..Thanks to the constant influx of business travellers, a floating world exists that few talk about, where beautiful escorts from various countries offer discreet companionship for a price, one not usually proffered in the bars and brothels of Asia.

"Writer Gerrie Lim investigated this phenomenon and gained access to the secret world of high-priced sex workers. The result is a series of lucid portraits offering insights into this remarkable area of modern commerce..." blurb

Published in 2004 by Monsoon Books Pte Ltd. ISBN 981-05-1033-0


A Ripe Old Age

Edited by Kua Ee Heok & Ko Soo Meng

"This book will fill the lacunae of knowledge on ageing in Singapore and help elderly and young people have a better understanding and perspective of ageing. It is not a pedestrian book about arid facts but covers a broad spectrum of topics on ageing like nutrition and longevity, cognitive changes and coping with grief. Marital and sexual relationships are discussed with candour by specialists in these fields." blurb

Published in 1998 by Sage Publication. ISBN 981-04-0739-4


Book Review:

Zouk The Book







Transmission02: Utopia

A limited edition book of works in graphic design, illustration, fashion, photography, motion graphics, architecture and text made exclusively for the project by more than 50 established and emerging international artists. Launched in April 2002

       - Meet GAO Anhua - author of "To The Edge Of The Sky" (22 Apr 2002)

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The Y – First 100 Years In Singapore (1902-2002)

By Raymond Flower

New YMCA Centenary book launched on Saturday 13 Apr 2002at Singapore History Museum, 93 Stamford Road



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Is Singapore a literate society?

"...But if you define “literate” as meaning a well-read society, your answer would probably be “no” and you would be quite right.

"A Population Survey on the Arts by the National Arts Council in 2002 found that only 40 per cent of 1,527 people surveyed had read a novel that year.
"In 2003, a nation-wide survey of 1,500 Singapore residents by the National Library Board revealed that the strongest motivation to read was neither for leisure nor for literary appreciation. Rather, it was for career development..."


      - Singapore Olympians - The Complete Who's Who 1936 - 2004

     - Singapore writing gets S$54,000 funding


Alfian Sa'at, 24, won the newly-introduced poetry section of the Golden Point Award writing competition (2001) organised by the National Arts Council and Singapore Press Holdings. Claire THAM Li Mei, 34, won the short story section, her second win after first winning the competition in 1999 with her story, The Gunpowder Trail. (Straits Times 5 Sep 2001) (L3)

NAC-SPH Golden Point Award 2001 (short story competition)

The Dymocks Singapore Literature Prize has been launched. It is a resurrection of the Singapore Literature Prize (SLP). It goes to the best published work of fiction by a Singaporean or permanent resident author, whether published here or overseas. The prize consists of a trophy but no cash incentives. Entries should be submitted through publishers to National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) , care of the National Library 91 Stamford Road Singapore 178896 by 2 May 2000.