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     Real Estate Agents/Housing Agents

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Jason CHAN

Company:         Bosrich Property Consultant, No. 1 Marine Parade Central, #03-03 Parkway Centre, Singapore 449408

E-mail:              cccs22@singnet.com.sg 

Contact Tel:      (65) 9187 1129

Specialise in:    Rental Condominium/Apartments/Rental Rooms/Sales of HDB flats/Boardings for students

Other Information:

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Alan CHAY

Company:         Huttons Real Estate Group

E-mail:              dreamhome@alanchay.com

Contact Tel:      (65) 9187 9188

Specialise in:    One-stop expatriates relocation service, Sale & Rental. Other Information: Please visit http://alanchay.com for more details.

Other Information:

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Vince CHEN     (Associate Manager)

Company:         Property Workshop (1997) Pte Ltd

E-mail:              vincechens@yahoo.com.sg 

Contact Tel:      (65) 9616 4816

Specialise in:    Specialise in relocation of expats - offices , apartment and houses as well. More than 5 yrs of expertise

Other Information:  Also handle a few corporate accounts - for MNC's and also several IT companies. Assist expats in orientation of the local environment, schools, transportation and etc...

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Agnes CHEONG

Company:         Loggins Enterprise

E-mail:              loggins@starhub.net.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 6459 8728 Or HP 9679 1280

Specialise in:    Rental and sale of conservation shophouses, etc. Emerald Hill Road, Bungalows in 9, 10 and 11. Ladyhill, Berrima, apartments and penthouses.

Other Information: 

Real Estate Agent


Name:               John CHIA

Company:         Bosrich Property Consultant Pte Ltd

E-mail:              johnschia@yahoo.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9007 9100

Specialise in:    Property rental for expatriates,  sales of condominium and landed properties

Other Information:  Experienced agent with many years of good track records

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Ronald GOH

Company:         DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Pte Ltd

E-mail:              goenjoy@gmail.com

Contact Tel:      (65) 9696 0804

Specialise in:    Expat Relocation, Condo/ Houses/HDB Rental & Sale, Refinancing. One-Stop Service.

Other Information:  Sincere and Professional Service. Always listen to customer's needs. Higher Degree Holder with keen and down-to-earth attitude to service all clients.

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Terence FOONG

Company:         Propnex

E-mail:              info@dreamhomes.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9733 5220

Specialise in:    Sales & Leasing - Residential & Commercial Properties in Singapore

Other Information:  At www.dreamhomes.com.sg We don't really work for buyers, sellers or landlords. We work with people, people like you.

Real Estate Agent


Name:              HARJINDAR Kaur (Jin)

Company:         Coldwell Banker Real Estate

E-mail:              jin@housingsingapore.com

Contact Tel:      (65) 9199 9029

Specialise in:    Expatriate Relocation, Buying and Selling of HDB and Private Property

Other Information:  Visit my webpage www.housingsingapore.com

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Vincent LEE

Company:         Roof Property Pte Ltd

E-mail:              Vincent@ehomeproperty.com

Contact Tel:      (65) 9794 0426

Specialise in:    HDB Resale/Private Apartment Rental/Landed Properties

Other Information: Please visit website @ www.ehomeproperty.com, www.roof.com.sg for more details/information.

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Cher LI

Company:         Coldwell Banker

E-mail:              cherli@exquisitehomes.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9186 3512

Specialise in:    Expatriates Relocation

Other Information: An extensive guide to Singapore Property and Real Estate for expatriate living and accommodation. www.exquisitehomes.com.sg

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Patrick LIM

Company:          DTZ

E-mail:              patrick@callpatricklim.com

Contact Tel:       (65) 9382 5293

Specialise in:    Specialised in Sales and Rental of Private Properties in Singapore

Other Information: Check out my webpage www.callpatricklim.com

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Shawn LIM

Company:         Chong Hok Realty Pte Ltd


Contact Tel:      (65) 9487 3349

Specialise in:    Rental & Sales - Room/HDB/Pte Apt/Landed/ Commercial

Other Information: 

Real Estate Agent


Name:             Calvin NG

Company:        Coldwell Banker Real Estate

E-mail:             calvin_ng@movingtosingapore.com

Contact Tel:     (65) 9108 5139

Specialise in:   Singapore Expatriates Relocation - Sale & Rental

Other Information: Trust Your Senses - Please visit my url @ http://www.movingtosingapore.com for details.

Real Estate Agent


Name:             Charles NG

Company:        ERA

E-mail:             charles_ng79@yahoo.com.sg

Contact Tel:     (65) 9145 5635 (24hrs)

Specialise in:   Rental & Sales - Room/HDB/Pte Apt/Landed/ Commercial (Buyers/Sellers)

Other Information: Call anytime for a non-obligatory discussion for the best deal.

Real Estate Agent


Name:             Spencer NG, CEHA Certificate

Company:        CHR Realty Pte Ltd

E-mail:             newt@starhub.net.sg

Contact Tel:     (65) 9145 6448

Specialise in:   7 years of experience in Commercial and industrial properties and passed the industry's certified examination.

Other Information:

Real Estate Agent


Name:               Camillus TAN (Certified Agent)

Company:         EM Services Pte Ltd

E-mail:              camesthe@singnet.com.sg 

Contact Tel:     (65) 9459 9449

Specialise in:    HDB, residential, industrial, commercial - both sales and rental.

Other Information: 12 years' experience. 

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Edie TAN

Company:         Coldwell Banker Singapore

E-mail:              edie@exquisitehomes.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9186 3512

Specialise in:    Expatriates Relocation and Private Housing

Other Information: We make your search for your dream home into something special, something uniquely you. www.exquisitehomes.com.sg

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Joyce TAN

Company:         PropNex

E-mail:              joyce_tansh@yahoo.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9181 6431

Specialise in:    Private property sales in District 21, 22 & 23; and private property rental in the West, Central & near MRT stations.

Other Information:

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Mark TAN (Top 100 Full-time Property Agent)

Company:         Huttons Realestate Group

E-mail:              tan206@starhub.net.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9387 4786

Specialise in:    All Properties For Sale/Rent and Re-location Tenants. E-mail me/SMS or Ask Me 9387 4786

Other Information: Plse view Picture and Movie @ http://markiproperty.com and http://propertyexpat.com

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Juniati TENG

Company:         Propnex Realty Pte Ltd

E-mail:              juniteng@singnet.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9758 0658

Specialise in:    Houses and Condos (Sellers/Buyers)

Other Information: Formerly from Far East Organisation - Sales

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Patrick TEO (Associate Director)

Company:         Coldwell Banker Singapore

E-mail:             coldwell_banker@exquisitehomes.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9452 0503

Specialise in:    Sale and Lease of Commercial and Industrial Space

Other Information: A real estate veteran for over 20 years. Extensive website providing property guides and search. Web site: www.exquisitehomes.com.sg

Real Estate Agent


Name:              Peter S L WONG

Company:         Trump Relocation Services

E-mail:              pwtrump@singnet.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9616 2780

Specialise in:    Leasing in residential homes / all services in relocation for all expatriates in Singapore

Other Information: "Your Trump Card to Good Home" Please email me for more exciting details.

Real Estate Agent


Name:              ZARAH Janidi

Company:         OrangeTee

E-mail:              zahra_janidi@yahoo.com.sg

Contact Tel:      (65) 9017 5755

Specialise in:    Rentals of condos in D9, 10, 11 and 15. Sales of HDB/Pte Apt.

Other Information: ZARAH - Zestful, Absolutely Reliable And Honest.

Real Estate Agent


Name:              ZAZALI

Company:         ERA

E-mail:              zzmoh@yahoo.com

Contact Tel:      (65) 9691 5570

Specialise in:    Rental & Sales - Room/HDB/Pte Apt/Landed/ Commercial

Other Information: Assist in property and legal matters - bankruptcy, divorce cases, bank loan refinancing, probate etc.


We invite real estate agents to list their particulars here for ease of look-up by our visitors wishing to engage the services of a real estate agent. This service is provided free of charge to all real estate agents.

Just e-mail to editor@getforme.com the following information:

Contact Tel:
Specialise in:
Other Information:


To check whether a real-estate agent is licensed, visit the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore website at www.iras.gov.sg under the heading IRAS SERVICES.

To check whether a real-estate agent is a member of the Institute of Estate Agents, visit the IEA's website at www.iea.org.sg

To check Housing & Development Board's List of Housing Agencies, visit the HDB's website at www.hdb.gov.sg



HDB resale transactions can be handled by housing agents who are not listed in HDB's Listing of Housing Agents, This is because HDB resale procedures have been made user-friendly so that buyers and sellers can handle transactions themselves. The HDB states on its website that it does not require housing agents to carry out resale transactions.


The Iras has said buyers and sellers can decide whether to use the services of an agent. "It is up to them, for example, to choose only an agent with CEHA qualifications, if it is what they wish," said Iras in a statement. (Straits Times 19 Nov 2001) 





Release of 3rd Quarter 2008 Public Housing Data

Resale transactions increased by about 4%, from about 7,760 cases in 2nd Quarter 2008 to about 8,110 cases in 3rd Quarter 2008 (see Annex C)...
Subletting transactions fell slightly by about 4% from about 4,120 cases in 2nd Quarter 2008 to about 3,960 cases in 3rd Quarter 2008 (see Annex F). The total number of HDB flats approved for subletting rose to about 21,400 units, compared to about 20,200 units in 2nd Quarter 2008...





HDB releases public housing data

"30% of all resale cases in 2nd Quarter 2007 were transacted at or below valuation, with an overall median Cash-Over-Valuation (COV) of about $7,000...
"The number of resale transactions increased by 38% from 6,300 cases in 1st Quarter 2007 to 8,700 cases in 2nd Quarter 2007 (see Annex D).

"This is indicative of a more active HDB resale market, and the availability of more resale flats to meet the location and flat type preferences of flat buyers..."



Banks to adopt new guidelines on home loans

"These guidelines provide customers with clear disclosures on the use of home loan board rates, the financial indicator(s) against which these rates are benchmarked, and the basis for the change in the rates over time...

"The new guidelines are applicable to loans taking effect from 15 June 2007 and not to loans committed before that..."



1st Quarter 2007 Real Estate Statistics

"Overall prices of private residential properties rose 4.8% in the 1st Quarter 2007, compared with the 3.8% increase in the previous quarter

"Prices of non-landed properties rose 5.3% in the 1st Quarter 2007, compared with the 4.3% increase in the previous quarter. Prices of apartments rose 5.1% while those of condominiums rose 5.4%..."



HDB further relaxes policy on subletting of whole flats

"With immediate effect, HDB will be relaxing its policy on the subletting of whole flats through a further reduction of the MOP and delinking it from the lessees’ HDB loan status. The revised MOP is:
"5 years for owners of subsidised flats, i.e. flats purchased directly from HDB or from the open market with a CPF Housing Grant; and

3 years for owners of non-subsidised flats, i.e. flats purchased from the open market without a CPF Housing Grant..."



     - Map-based information service on land ownership available online

     - 3rd Quarter 2006 real estate statistics

     - Flat buyers taking an HDB loan need HDB loan eligibility letter



Recovery of the Property Market

"The property market recovery is not confined to the private housing sector. All the other sectors of the property market are recovering in tandem with the strong growth of our economy...

"In 2006, Singapore’s GDP is projected to grow by another 3% to 5%. Robust growth in the manufacturing, tourism and financial sectors, and the diversification of our economy into new areas like the life sciences, education and health, are helping to drive growth in our economy..."



Review of housing options for the elderly

"To encourage extended family living, HDB will extend the $12,000 monthly income ceiling to extended families buying resale HDB flats with the CPF Housing Grant. The revised policy will apply with immediate effect...

"To facilitate the elderly to buy SAs, buyers aged at least 55 years will now be able to use their CPF to buy SAs after they have set aside at least the full cash component of their Minimum Sum...


     - Key Survey Findings on Services Sector 2003

     - Private sector to build and sell HDB flats

     - 2nd Quarter 2005 Real Estate Statistics


Policy changes affecting the property market


increase the housing financing limit to 90% of the property value


lower the cash payment for private residential properties from 10% to 5%


allow CPF members to use their CPF savings to purchase private residential properties with remaining leases of 30 to 60 years


allow non-related singles to use their CPF savings to jointly purchase private residential properties


phase out the Non-Residential Properties Scheme (NRPS) by 1 Jul 2006


allow foreigners to purchase apartments in non-condominium developments of less than 6 levels without the need to obtain prior approval


     - 1st Quarter 2005 Real Estate Statistics

     - HDB Resale Flats: HDB-assigned valuers for bank loan cases


 This section commenced on 21 Dec 2000






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