Our Network


Getforme’s servers are hosted at business grade carrier Mzima located at 530 West 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014.

Mzima’s network features:

* Fully-redundant architecture
* Fully line-rate 10 Gigabit backbone with over 250 Gbps of transit/peering capacity
* SONET-based optical transport network for physical-level resiliency
* Next-generation IP network design
* Customized routing policies for customers
* BGP best-path routing, combined with Mzima’s proprietary route-analysis system constantly monitoring packet loss, latency, and jitter
* Automatic detection and re-routing around network failures
* Aggressive peering policy allowing for local data delivery
* Carrier fault-tolerance
* Non-oversubscribed bandwidth
* Quality of Service monitoring and analysis

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