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     Vehicles - In Case of Accidents

       In Case Of Accidents

     Under the Road Traffic Act, a driver involved in an accident has to exchange particulars. In the past, most motorists involved in non-injury accidents filed a report with their insurance companies as well as the police, although in most cases

     The Non-Injury Motor Accident Report Scheme was implemented on 1 May 1999. This is an electronic filing system which replaces the manual system of filing non-injury accident reports with the police. Motorists are advised to report the accident to their insurers as soon as possible. If one of the drivers does not report to his insurer and the latter comes to know of a claim by the other party involved in the accident, the insurer has to contact the insured and request him to lodge a report. If the assured still refuses to lodge a report with the insurance company, the matter will be referred to the police.

     Motorists who dispute the settlements worked out by car-insurance companies will have a tribunal to turn to soon. It will be set up in a few months' time by the General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA), to act for motorists involved in non-injury accidents. For a start, the tribunal will mediate claims of up to S$3000. A fee will be charged. Its decisions will be binding on all insurers, but not on the claimants.This means that if the tribunal rules against the insurer, it must pay up. But, if the claimant is unhappy with the amount, he can reject the decision and take the matter elsewhere, such as the courts.


     - Singapore Road Traffic Situation in 2004



  The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIA) yesterday announced that from August 2002, motorists whose vehicles are damaged in accidents will have to take them to one of the eight designated Independent Damage Assessment Centres around the island. Four centres will open from Aug 1 and another four from Sept 1. They are run by Vicom Assessment Centre, STA Inspection and DelGro Assessment Centre. (Straits Times 2 Jul 2002) (1)

  Vehicles involved in accidents have to send their vehicles to any of the 10 independent assessment centres (IAC) to be set up in about six months' time before repairs can be carried out. All the 36 motor insurers under the General Insurance Association (GIA), which insures about 700,000 vehicles in Singapore, will include this as a clause in insurance policies as these are renewed over the next 12 months. (Straits Times 22 Dec 2001) (3)