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     Vehicles - Entry Permit

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      Driving a Malaysian-registered vehicle into Singapore

       Latest on top:

     - New 10 VEP-free days scheme & shorter VEP operating hours

     - Foreign Vehicle Entry Permit operating hours shortened from 4 Feb 05

     - Changes to Vehicle Entry Permit scheme for visitors from 6 Dec 2004

     - Notice to CashCard holders - end of 5-year validity period

     - Foreign-registered cars need not have in-vehicle unit from Sep 2003


- Singaporeans & PRs, please click HERE!

- Employment Pass & Work Permit Holders, please click HERE!

- Other foreigners, please read below:

Other Foreigners

If this is the first time you are driving a Malaysian-registered vehicle into Singapore, you will need to do the following at the TUAS or WOODLANDS Checkpoint:

1. inform the duty officer at the counter that this is the first time you are driving a Malaysian-registered vehicle

2. hand over your road tax disc and passport

3. pay S$10 for an Autopass card which will be given to you instantly. (S$10 includes a stored value of S$4)

4. take back your road tax disc and passport

5. proceed to the Autopass Machine, insert your Autopass card and retrieve the printed receipt as well as your Autopass Card. Keep the receipt carefully in case you need to produce it (for disputes) when you return to the Checkpoint after your stay in Singapore.

On your return to the Checkpoint after your stay in Singapore, top up your Autopass card using Singapore currency at the Checkpoint. It's better to top-up your Autopass card at any bank ATMs in Singapore, 7-Eleven convenience stores, outlets hiring out IUs for ERP and outlets displaying the "Autopass Card Top-up" sign.

Remember - if you have more than one Autopass Card (because you have been in Singapore before - use the same Autopass Card for each return trip to and from Singapore through the Checkpoints.

To decide how much to top-up, use the following as a quide:

     - Vehicle Entry Permit fee: S$30 per day (7pm-2am FREE) Please read: Foreign Vehicle Entry Permit operating hours shortened from 4 Feb 05

     - Vehicle Entry Permit fee: FREE whole day on Saturday, Sunday & public holidays

Use your Autopass Card to pay the aforementioned fee.

Remember - if your Malaysian road tax should expire during your stay here in Singapore, make sure you leave Singapore the day before the Malaysian road tax expires.

For more information, call the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at this number: (65) 553 5226.

NOTE: You can pick up a guide to Singapore's Area Licensing, Road Pricing Schemes and Electronic Road Pricing at the Woodlands and Tuas Checkpoints for your reference.

Forgotten to slot in your Autopass Card?

  Sometimes, we tend to forget to slot in the Autopass Card to pay the Vehicle Entry Permit charges. If this happens, do the following:

1. Send a letter to:
          Vehicle Entry Permit
          Land Transport Authority
          10 Sin Ming Drive Singapore 575701

     a. explain why you have not slotted in the autopass card
     b. enclose the original autopass card used in entering Singapore
     c. enclose a copy of the passport you used showing your particulars as well as the entry/exit stamps by immigration officers.

2. Wait for their reply.

3. They will make the necessary amendments.

If in doubt, call Land Transport Authority at (65) 6225 5582.